Zombie Wolf of Piston by T. S. Joyce

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He shouldn’t be here.

Reaper used to have a life, and friends, and a close-knit Pack. He was Stryker. Even if he was a War Wolf, his life made sense. When he died, something evil needed him to cheat death. A powerful storm is building around him because Reaper has been brought back to life for a nightmare destiny. He’s been controlled by an underserving Alpha before, and he is done being a pawn in the game of good and evil. From here on, Reaper will do whatever he wants.

Isa Moreau is his only anchor.

She is the only one who can save Reaper’s new Pack from him. She is the only one who can save Reaper from himself, but Fate sure is hard to fight, and especially for a she-wolf who is dropped in the middle of a battle she didn’t know existed.

She’s learning that there are two sides to the Zombie Wolf of Piston… One with the capacity to learn love, and one with the ability to destroy everything.

Reaper must choose between good and evil, once and for all, and he must protect a Pack that betrayed him to do it.

Witches, werewolves, and ghosts are pulling the Zombie Wolf in different directions, and no one really knows where he will land. 

Will he be a good Zombie Wolf? Or the Zombie Wolf everyone loves to hate?

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

*This series immediately follows the Promise Falls series with connections to that world*

Titles in the Wolves of Piston series include —  Zombie Wolf of Piston —♦— Brother Wolf of Piston —♦— Lone Wolf of Piston —♦— Holiday Flex (Christmas novella) —♦— Traitor Wolf of Piston —♦— War Wolf of Piston —♦—

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Title:  Zombie Wolf
Series:  Wolves of Piston #1
Author:  T.S. Joyce
Published:  October 13, 2022
My Rating:  4.5 stars

I’ve been reading T.S. Joyce’s worlds for several years now and loving every single one.  But, Zombie Wolf, gutted me in a way I didn’t expect.  The pain that Reaper/Stryker is in both physically and emotionally just flowed off of the page into my heart and left me wounded for this man and what he’s been put through.  I don’t even have words to describe my reaction to the beginning of his story.

I feel that I don’t want to say a lot about the plot of Zombie Wolf which begins the Wolves of Piston series.  Why?  Well, because frankly, I believe you need to go into this one cold to get the full impact of the emotional anguish that Reaper is going through firsthand.  A lot of what I’d like to say right now would spoil that experience for you.

I can say that I adored Isa, she is a breath of fresh air and exactly what this wolf needs at this moment in time – a mate to stand beside him, fight for him, lead him into a future that is worth living with a pack that can be redeemed if only he’d step up and lead.  The villain here is a bit unusual but probably the vilest villain I’ve encountered in quite a while, and that’s saying something!  I loved the pack members we get to meet, some more than others but can’t wait for their individual stories to unfold.

I realize this review is somewhat vague, but Zombie Wolf is a powerful story on so many levels and you should feel everything for yourself.  I loved the beginning of the Wolves of Piston, this couple is intense, funny, sassy, tormented, sexy, and perfect for each other… eventually.  I had an emotional blast with Stryker and Isa in so many ways and would not hesitate to recommend this one to any reader who loves a good, well-written, engaging Shifter Romance with surprises galore.

The Wolves of Piston series begins right after the end of The Wolves of Promise Falls series.  To get the full impact of this world I’d suggest starting with the Promise Falls series first.  But that’s just a suggestion, you do what you need to do… you could start here with no trouble at all, but I, personally, believe you’ll be more immersed in the nuances of this world if you can go back to the previous series (plus they are amazing stories as well).

I own a Kindle edition of this title.

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