Bianca’s Date with an Alpha by Lisa Daniels

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I knew it was fake, but I did it anyway.

I’m no longer the popular girl in our small town. People who were once friends have turned on me, making me the outcast.
But it doesn’t matter, anyway.

I’ve made new friends. And with the limited options around, I went and hired a werewolf shifter to be my partner.

It’s no secret I paid for him, using a dating agency.

Rufus is a great guy. The kind any woman might fall for.

A rebel against his pack, daring to get involved with humans – forbidden to him otherwise.

I know it’s not real, what we have… but a part of me wishes that it was.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Dating Agency (Date Monsters for Alphas) series include — Katie’s Date with an Alpha Bianca’s Date with an Alpha – Tegan’s Date with an Alpha – Emory’s Date with an Alpha –

Title:  Bianca’s Date with an Alpha
Series:  Dating Agency (Date Monsters for Alphas) #2
Author:  Lisa Daniels
Published:  July 24, 2020
My Rating:  4 stars

Bianca’s Date with an Alpha‘ returns us to that small, often judgemental town where Katie (Katie’s Date with an Alpha) and Bianca had such an interesting time dealing with a super bully bridezilla Rachel.  The second story in the ‘Dating Agency – Date Monsters for Alphas‘ series takes place a short time after the first and continues with Bianca’s troubles in town with an aggressive bullying man, Brent, who insists she’s the one for him and our resident female bully, Rachel.  At this point, Bianca is about to sign up for another date from the agency she’d used before, although with a different shifter this time.  What she’ll discover is that it is possible for a stranger to have your back in a fight – especially when the stranger just happens to be your mate.

I loved Rufus.  He has a past, one that we’ll get to discover along the way, and one that plays into his time with Bianca, his mate.  He’s sexy as sin, a fierce protector with a sense of humor that so often just made me grin.  Together they make one powerful couple.

We’ll meet up with folks we knew from the first story, add a few new ones, take down not one but several vile villains, and watch a human and a wolf shifter find their own happy ever after.  I had fun and will continue with the series.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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