Bite Deeper by T. S. Joyce

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Mae Dafoe is back in her hometown chasing ghosts. She’s forgotten what it’s like to be around her big crazy family, and it’s a big adjustment coming from the life she’s created for herself in the years she’s been gone. Three days here, and then she can go back to her apartment in the city, and far away from the swamps of Uncertain. All she needs is closure. But when she finds one of the ghosts she’s been chasing, she’s shocked to find he isn’t a ghost at all, but a shifter. The old Cole that she knew doesn’t exist anymore, but as she gets to know this sexy, dangerous, growly New Cole…she starts thinking about the life she left behind. Pulled between two very different worlds, she has to decide on a damaging past and an uncertain future…and somehow survive them both.

Cole Jennings goes by the name Fargo now. Might as well, since he’s a dog most of the time. He’s hidden what happened to him from the entire town, but a girl he used to know is back in his territory, scratching at his secrets. He has one job to do, and that’s to keep the Lachlan gators and their mates protected, but Mae DaFoe is pulling at his instincts to let the animal inside of him go and to be a better man. She’ll have to wait for him to finish his hunt though because he has a grudge that won’t ever go away. If he can just keep her away from him for a little while longer, maybe he can keep her safe, too.

This is an adult 18+ story that includes language, violence and sexual situations geared toward an adult audience.

Titles in the Keepers of the Swamp series include — Swim Deeper – Dig Deeper – Bite Deeper

You may know T. S. Joyce mainly from her Damon’s Mountains universe.  But she’s started a new world in the swamp, so hold on to your e-readers it’s gonna be an amazing ride. For a complete listing of all the series and links to the reviews done here at Shifter Haven, please visit our T. S. Joyce page.

Title:  Bite Deeper
Series:  Keepers of the Swamp #3
Author:  T. S. Joyce
Published:  October 19, 2019
My Rating:  4.5 stars

BITE DEEPER is the third and final story in the Keepers of the Swamp trilogy – although, “final” is never a real guarantee that these folks won’t show up again one day, somewhere.  I’ve learned that much while reading T. S. Joyce’s work – never say never.

Cole/Fargo is a fascinating character.  Not really a shifter, more a product of swamp magic but still the human within has an intense life now, one of service that’s turned into an odd kind of friendship with Holt and Liam.  He’s a guardian who will defend this family, mates and future babies included, for the rest of his life.  Or he would have except his past is back in town and life is changing once again.

I always expect the unexpected from T. S. Joyce, and she delivered big time with BITE DEEPER.  It’s an emotionally intense story full of unique friendships, hatred, ghosts, and magic born of desperation.  Mae and Cole were once, and always will be, deeply in love with each other.  Fate changed that and now fate has stepped in once again.  This one will put you through all the emotions possible and leave you satisfied with the end.  I didn’t need detailed closure on the bad guys, I knew from their screams that they got what they deserved, it was enough.  I really hope we aren’t totally done with the small town of Uncertain for I’d definitely like the chance to run into these very special characters again.  I had a blast and if you love Shifter Romance or Paranormal Romance then you should be reading this trilogy.  You’ll be hooked on T. S. Joyce if you aren’t already.  Oh, I saw the special numbers again (did you?) – wonder where we’re going next…

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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