Cadmium Dragon by Terry Bolryder

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The Cadmium dragon has found his mate, and now he’s on the hunt. The hunt for things to buy online so he has an excuse to see the curvy delivery woman that brings him his packages. And when a chance occurrence gives him the opportunity to get to know her better, he springs into action to show her just how much a dragon can offer—inside the bedroom and out. 

Casey can’t help enjoying each fleeting moment she gets at her last stop on her delivery route. Who wouldn’t? The man she sees is tall, ripped, and has charm for days, even if he goes by the strange name “Cadmium”. So when her truck breaks down and help is nowhere to be found, she follows her heart, and lets Cadmium take her in for the weekend. 

As it turns out, it’s going to be a weekend Casey will never forget, filled with fun, romance, crazy antics, and spine-tingling sex. But not everything is perfect, and Cadmium knows he has a lot to explain. Like the fact that he’s a dragon. And as their time together quickly runs out, both will have to determine how far they’re willing to go to follow their hearts.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Dragon Guard of Drakkaris include:  Lead Dragon – Cadmium Dragon – 

The Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series is part of the connecting universe of the Awakened Dragons, and has a slight connection and crossover characters may appear.  To see the titles in these connecting series please visit the Terry Bolryder page.

Title:  Cadmium Dragon
Series:  Dragon Guard of Drakkaris #2
Author:  Terry Bolryder
Published:  December 5, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It is so easy to fall in love with Terry Bolryder’s dragons, so very easy.  I’d be hard pressed to name my absolute favorite for there are bits and pieces of each that I’d claim for my own – but Cadmium holds a special spot in my reader’s heart.  These dragon guards not only have to find their mates among human women, but also understand an entire new world with all of its oddities – like snow.  If you want to experience a dragon’s first touch of snow or a humorous, laugh til the tears flow snowball fight then look no further.  So, yeah, I’m in love with Cadmium and his unique charm.

The danger in Cadmium and Casey’s romance is toned down a bit than we might be used to – but it exists nonetheless.  An ex-boyfriend turned stalker will wreck havoc in their romance and try his best to continue to ruin Casey’s life.  We’ll get to know the other dragons of Drakkaris a bit better, experience some more horrible cooking from one particular dragon, visit with Lead and his mate a bit, and simply have the chance to let these dragons into our hearts a bit deeper.  This romance is sweeter, softer and the couple adorable, but don’t worry there is still lots of sexy times and danger to be faced before their happy ending.  Cadmium Dragon just proves that there doesn’t always have to be another big bad dragon or wolf to deliver a tense story and danger to be faced down.

I would recommend Cadmium Dragon and any or all of the stories inn this series, as well as the connecting ones to any Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance reader.  You’ll find a compelling story, hot and sexy couples and come away satisfied yet impatient for the next story in this world.

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