Claws and Effect by Lola Kidd

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Rhett Lundthal’s job to make sure shifter-human relations are running smoothly in his small town. But he’s having trouble keeping the peace now that a prank has turned his life upside down. 

Someone has put his picture up on an online dating app without his permission. Now, even though he isn’t looking for a mate, human women are turning up left and right for dates. Things get even more complicated when one of the women is attacked by an out of control shifter coming to meet him. 

Joseline Herza is over the moon when she matches with a tall, dark, and handsome as hell shifter on a dating app. She’d always wanted to go on a date with a shifter and now her dream is coming true. But instead of a night of fun, she’s almost killed by a shifter on her way to her date. 

Some of the town shifters are nervous after the attack. If word gets out that a human was almost killed by one of them, it would be disastrous for the town. When her life is threatened, Rhett steps in to protect Joseline. 

As he tries to keep Joseline from danger, the town’s shifter-human relations aren’t the only one Rhett has to worry about. Now that it’s met her, his animal won’t be letting go of the beautiful human without a fight. Rhett is going to have to make an impossible choice. Which is more important, the safety of his entire town or the beautiful human he’s falling in love with?

This is an adult, 18+ story with strong language, possible violence and sexual situations geared toward an adult audience.

Titles in the Small Town Shifters series include — Reindeer Games (prequel) – Claws and Effect – Fight or Flight – Tooth and Nail –

Title:  Claws and Effect
Series:  Small Town Shifters #1
Author:  Lola Kidd
Published:  January 2, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

CLAWS AND EFFECT is the first story (if you don’t count the prequel Reindeer Games) in Lola Kidd’s Small Town Shifters series.  I enjoyed Rhett’s and Joseline’s story but, to be frank, I have a few issues as well.  While I did enjoy REINDEER GAMES, as a prequel it really didn’t set up this small town full of shifters hiding in plain sight of humans – and I wish it had for a lot of this story is spent in world building.  Don’t get me wrong, I expect world building in the first book of a series but I was expecting it in the previous story.

There is a  lot in CLAWS AND EFFECT that I don’t feel I can reveal in this review for I won’t spoil the story for the next reader.  So, there are reasons that Rhett comes across as so grumpy and shut-off from the world, as well as a reason why Joseline was even heading to meet him when disaster struck.  But to reveal those would not be fair.

In the end, I’m just going to say that there are a lot of twists in CLAWS AND EFFECT.  Lots of hidden information that weaves throughout this entire series.  Rhett and Joseline may not have been my all-time favorite shifter couple, but I did enjoy their romance – yes, even the slow-moving parts.  I’ll be continuing the series for my curiosity is engaged and I need to know more.

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