Fealty Of The Bear by T. S. Joyce

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Fealty Of The Bear
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After years of stagnancy, Muriel Marsden leaves the legendary clan of Hells Canyon bear shifters and goes rogue in order to discover herself. Her trip is cut short when she stumbles upon an injured man alone in the wilderness. As his only chance for survival, Muriel brings him to her cabin and works to save his life.

The man is half-feral and all sexy. He’s a rogue bear shifter like Muriel, yet his actions make no sense. When her ex, Bronson Cress, enlists the help of her new patient, Muriel can’t help but be dragged along for the ride. If she can learn to trust the secretive new man along the way, she just might find the life she yearns for.

Logan O’Connor is running from the trackers who are after him. Seeking sanctuary with the Hells Canyon shifters is his only shot at survival, but it’s not just his life at stake. When Logan meets the timid, stunning woman who is willing to save a stranger, he knows his heart is in deep trouble.

Logan discovers just how strong Muriel is beneath her quiet exterior, but his interest in her brings them both great risk. He must choose whether to keep her for himself or leave to draw the danger of his dark past away from the woman he’s falling for.

Titles in the Hells Canyon Shifters series include – Call of the BearFealty of the Bear – Avenge the Bear – Claim the Bear – Heart of the Bear

This is an adult 18+ story that includes language, violence and sexual situations geared toward an adult audience.

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Title:  Fealty Of The Bear
Series:  Hells Canyon Shifters #2
Author:  T. S. Joyce
Published:  October 9, 2014
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Fealty Of The Bear continues almost where Call of the Bear left us with an intriguing story of survival, growth, and of course, sizzling sexy chemistry between Logan and Muriel.

My heart broke for Muriel in the first story for the way she was used, for the pain she’s experienced through no fault of her own.  She’s stronger than she believes, she’s already proven that to the people who should have been her clan-mates but now she’s going to start to see herself through Logan’s eyes and finally own her strength, courage, and the mate she was destined to find.  Okay, so he’s not a bear but he is her mate and she will fight to keep him safe and with her.

Logan makes choices that aren’t always wise but they are the right ones for him and eventually, for his mate as well.  Watching him heal, being witness to the inner turmoil he faced of doing the right thing or doing the safe thing was an intriguing journey to follow.

Both Logan and Muriel have some growing to do in Fealty Of The Bear, they’ll face challenges, and life together no matter what comes their way.  I enjoyed their story very much and will be diving into Avenge the Bear in the next few days.  If you love a good Shifter Romance with danger, choices and sizzling hot chemistry then you’ll love this one.

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