Forever Wolf by Maria Vale

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Eyulf was abandoned as an infant and has never understood why, or what he is…Varya is fiercely loyal to the Great North Pack, which took her in when she was a teenager. While out on patrol, Varya finds Eyulf wounded and starving and saves his life, at great risk to her own.

Legend says his eyes portend the end of the world…or perhaps, the beginning…

With old and new enemies threatening the Great North, Varya knows as soon as she sees his eyes that she must keep Eyulf hidden away from the superstitious wolves who would doom them both. Until the day they must fight to the death for the Pack’s survival, side by side and heart to heart…

Titles in The Legend of All Wolves series includesThe Last WolfA Wolf Apart  – Forever Wolf –

Title:  Forever Wolf
Series:  The Legend of All Wolves #3
Author:  Maria Vale
Genre:  Paranormal Romance, Shifter Romance
Published:  March 26, 2019
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
My Rating: 4.5 stars

It’s not often that I’m left at the ending of a story or series just staring at a blank screen, totally speechless with no clue how to convey to other readers just what an amazing story I just read is, without giving away important things, but to hope that they will want to go on this journey as well.  And, frankly, FOREVER WOLF has left me speechless.

I strongly believe that The Legend of All Wolves series needs to be read in order – and now you can binge read it one after another.  There are so many nuances, details that if you try to really grasp the underlying story and message out of order, well, you’ll miss the whole thing… in my opinion.

It took me a while to really warm up to Varya, and to be completely frank I’m not sure that I ever really “loved” her character.  I admired her fierce loyalty and her ability to care for and let Eyulf in, both to herself and her Pack.  Varya is considered the most fierce and devoted of her Pack, and many rightfully fear her.  To see even a glimpse of another side of her was intriguing.  Eyulf is such an amazing character, abandoned, not knowing who or what he is, survival has come close to an ending for him until Varya rescued him.  Now he needs to learn how to live in an unfamiliar world… and fight for the survival of Varya’s Pack as well.

If you’ve read the entire series then you will have a strong sense of coming full circle, understanding that the Laws of the Pack work only when the tradition they are based on are understood and held sacred.

There really isn’t much more I’m comfortable saying that might not give away details that you should really experience for yourself.  So I’ll close with this thought… FOREVER WOLF brings The Legend of All Wolves to a conclusion that is rich in tradition and details, a feeling of having experienced something mystical and damned good storytelling experience.  If you love Shifter Romance or Paranormal Romance give yourself the treat of this series – you’ll find a world well worth diving into.

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