Her Rich Shifter Playboy by Serena Meadows

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I escaped death when I was little and led a normal life as a wolf shifter until Patrick Wentworth ended up in my town.

Hogan’s Folly isn’t meant for men like him.  Patrick is an absolute jerk and doesn’t belong in my world.  His entitled attitude is supposed to make me hate him but instead...

I’m drawn to him like a moth to a flame.  Getting him a room at my bed and breakfast was the end of it.  He was too close for me to ignore.

Patrick may not belong in my world, but he’s also hiding from his own.  His wish is to marry the woman of his choice.  Not one that his family picks.

But he doesn’t even know that I’m a shifter, a secret that is bound to come out when my life is in danger.

And something tells me that I’d also find out a secret about Patrick that would shake my reality.

Titles in The Clan of Hogan Falls series include — His Shifter Wolf Boss —♦— Her Shifter Wolf Runaway —♦— Her Shifter Wolf Assassin —♦— Her Shifter Fire Chief —♦— Her Shifter Wolf Doctor —♦— Her Shifter Wolf Rival Guide —♦— Her Rich Shifter Playboy —♦— His First Shifter Wolf Love —♦—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Booksprout ARC

Title:  Her Rich Shifter Playboy
Series:  The Clan of Hogan Falls #7
Author:  Serena Meadows
Published:  July 13, 2023
My Rating:  4.5

Her Rich Shifter Playboy is the seventh title in The Clan of Hogan Falls series… and what a hero we have this time!  Talk about a spoiled, entitled, arrogant… helpless man just showing up and expecting — well, to be treated like a king who never actually sees his servants is probably the closest description of Patrick that I can give.  Well, unfortunately for Patrick, the first person he encounters at the Bed and Breakfast just happens to be Darcy, who takes no nonsense from anyone, ever, potential customer or not.  Entitled?  Meet determined… to teach you some life lessons.

I’ve read the series up to this point, and of all the ladies and their mates, it’s Darcy and Patrick who really brought to life the phrase “opposites attract”.  There could not be two people further apart in life experiences than these two – which makes for a delightful romance.  And watching them fall for each other was such fun.

Patrick is the son of wealthy, prominent, and, yes, entitled parents who have done him a disservice by teaching him to live his life as they have… never lifting a hand to do anything themselves.  At first, it’s very easy to dislike Patrick; he is, after all, a jerk.  Yet, it doesn’t take long to begin to feel sorry for him.  Not pity, but for the man who, by taking what he considered a stand against his parents, turned out to be cut off from the life he knew.  And he now must learn to live as most people do, which includes baby steps and humility.  He really knows nothing about how to take care of himself… at all.  I didn’t pity him, I certainly didn’t laugh at his changed circumstances.  But I could feel for him as his world changed in one day and would never be the same again.

I loved watching the interactions change between Darcy and Patrick.  Yes, they are fated mates — but they are also two people who have lived far different lives, and adjusting to that, plus the danger that is always just over Darcy’s shoulder, can make falling in love a bit…intense.  They each have secrets, ones that neither could have seen coming at them.

It was so easy to get lost in this world once again.  Their story is well-written, funny, and steamy, with moments of danger, and certainly surprises.  I’ve had such fun with this series.  One more to go.

*I received an e-ARC of this novel from the author or author’s team via Booksprout, and I sincerely thank them for their trust. It is my choice to leave a review giving my personal opinion about this book.*

Available for the Kindle as this title is currently in KU.


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