Lure of the Alpha Vol. 2

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The unforgettable ALOHA SHIFTERS: JEWELS OF THE HEART series continues with a second box set packed with hot alpha shifters, sizzling romance, and three exclusive bonus scenes! Nothing is forbidden to this elite corps of shifter bodyguards and private investigators…except falling in love.
In Lure of the Tiger , pro surfer Jody Monroe escapes a deadly killer threat thanks to a stealthy, enigmatic stranger who arouses all her fears — and her desires. Cruz is a contradiction: gruff and grouchy, painfully private, yet tender and protective of those he loves. And sexy. Mouthwateringly sexy, all the damn time. Soon, Jody’s life isn’t the only thing on the line — her heart is, too.

In Love of the Dragon , Silas Llewellyn, the last of a once-mighty dragon clan, doesn’t have time for love — not with a ruthless enemy plotting to destroy everything he holds dear. When a priceless diamond — one of the legendary Spirit Stones — surfaces in New York, Silas knows the jewel is nothing but trouble…just like Cassandra, the plucky bartender who refuses to relinquish the gem.

In Lure of the Fox , Ella Kitt is forced to work and live in close quarters with smoking hot army hero, Jake McBride. Jake isn’t just the one-night stand who makes her scarred heart flutter and her fox’s tail wag — he’s also a human, totally off-limits to shifters of her kind.

This special edition box set includes three exclusive bonus scenesCatch a Tiger (a steamy, spunky bonus epilogue to Lure of the Tiger), Hot on the Trail (a sizzling bonus epilogue to Love of the Dragon that starts and ends in a swanky Manhattan penthouse), and The Good Life (a heartwarming bonus epilogue to Lure of the Fox).

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Aloha Shifters – Jewels of the Heart series include:  Lure of the Dragon – Lure of the Wolf – Lure of the Bear – Lure of the Tiger – Love of the Dragon  –  Lure of the Fox

Title:  Lure of the Alpha Vol. 2
Series:  Aloha Shifters, Jewels of the Heart
Author:  Anna Lowe
Published:  February 10, 2018
My Rating:  5 stars

If you love Shifter Romance, and maybe have a fondness for a certain sexy human private investigator from a few years ago, Magnum, P.I, then you would absolutely love the entire Aloha Shifters – Jewels of the Heart series.  I’ve read, reviewed and fallen in love with each book in this series.  With vivid scenery, hot and sexy shifters, vile villains and some of the best story plots around, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would not enjoy these stories.  I became immersed in this world and I loved every moment there among friends.

Now, I have read and reviewed all these stories.  I picked them up through my Kindle Unlimited subscription, a monthly fee subscription offered through Amazon.  Because, quite frankly, the book budget only goes so far and this way I get to read some fantastic stories and the author gets paid for my reading to the 100% mark – a win for us both.  It frankly is how I get to provide so many reviews on my Shifter Haven blog.  BUT… when Lure of the Alpha, Vol. 1 was released a few months ago I bought it.  Why?  Because these are stories that I will read again, I enjoyed them that much.  And by purchasing it I can access those stories any time I want.  So when I learned that Lure of the Alpha, Vol. 2 was out… you better believe your Kindle that I hopped over to Amazon to purchase that as well.  There are simply some stories, some series that touch different readers and we want to return to that world – so for those ones, I will at some point buy the book.

If you love Shifter Romance, intriguing story lines, nasty villains, twists and turns, characters who will follow you throughout this series even when they are not in the spotlight, some deliciously sexy times between loving partners and quite simply some really good, sold, engaging stories — then you’ll want to pick up this series.  And the easiest way is in one bundle with Lure of the Alpha, Vol 1 and now, Lure of the Alpha, Vol. 2.  Go on, take a trip to Hawaii with some amazing Shifters, you’ll enjoy the adventure.

I own a copy of Lure of the Alpha, Vol. 2 (and Vol 1).

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