Mountain Wolf by Amber Ella Monroe

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Trouble in Aspen Valley and a threat to journalist Cassie Grey’s life leaves her no choice but to seek refuge. At the advice of her brother, she agrees to lay low in a mountain-side cabin owned by his best friend Luke.

While staying with Luke, Cassie sees past his serious demeanor and becomes infatuated by his rogue grin and rugged good looks. She also senses something purely animalistic about him. His panty-melting stares are just as potent to her as his lingering caresses. She wants more than his promise of safety. It doesn’t matter that he’s ten years older than her. She knows a real man is what she needs. She can’t fight the need to have him all to herself—she doesn’t want to.

Wolf shifter Luke Lombardi is a man of his word, but Cassie’s sexy curves and teasing touches are driving him to distraction. He’s supposed to be looking out for her, not wishing she was his. By Luke’s standards, she’s barely legal and out of his league, but she doesn’t seem to care. His control is fading…especially when all he wants to do is lay claim to the mate he’s always desired. There’s just one more obstacle: revealing his secret could mean losing her forever.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

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Title:  Mountain Wolf
Series:  Aspen Valley Wolf Pack #6
Author:  Amber Ella Monroe
Published:  April 13, 2017
My Rating:  4 stars

Cassie’s investigation into the murders of local shifters is getting attention, and not the type her publication wants.  Her apartment window has been smashed with a rock, attached is a threatening note.  So now Cassie needs somewhere safe to hold up until those who would harm her are caught.  The perfect place?  Her brother’s friend, Luke’s cabins in the woods.  Nothing bad could happen to her there.

Luke went to college and roomed with Neil for awhile, so finding his little sister, Cassie a safe refuge was no problem.  Right up until he laid eyes on her once again, the grown up Cassie and felt his mate mark heat up.  Luke is older than Cassie, even if he feels certain they are mates, he cannot just move in on his friend’s little sister.  That “Bro” thing.  But Cassie isn’t having any of that because she’s got her eye on Luke, and he’s exactly what she’s been looking for.

Luke isn’t hiding that he’s a wolf shifter, he’s simply never mentioned it to Neil or made a big deal about it.  Now he has some explaining to do to his old friend… about being a wolf, and being Cassie’s mate.

Mountain Wolf moves the investigation into the murder of shifters a bit further along.  In words, not action.  This story is pretty much Luke and Cassie discovering they are mates with some danger tossed in.  We meet up with Luke’s alpha, Dane again and Neil.  But we don’t really run into the pack at all.  I enjoyed the story I was given, Luke and Cassie’s hot romance was intense, sexy and engaging.  There is another story yet to come, Rogue Wolf.  And perhaps I’ll find the action I was hoping for in this story.  I wasn’t expecting some parts to be addressed off-scene – I guess I’m a blood thirsty reader after all.  I would definitely recommend this story, it’s fun, sexy with two people who fit just perfectly.

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