Rancher Bear’s Desire by Candace Ayers

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John Long has his life under control. Everything is going according to plan. His girlfriend, the beautiful, vivacious socialite Mandy Scott, has finally agreed move with him from L.A. to his family’s ranch in Wyoming to give the ‘simple life’ a chance.

All’s well.

Until Bunny St. John enters his life in the form of personal assistant/pack mule for Mandy and suddenly, John’s small, tranquil world erupts. There’s no denying Bunny is John’s mate.

Bunny’s divorce papers are barely dry.

She’s fed up with men, doubly fed up with bear shifters, and doesn’t care one iota about this whole ‘mate’ crap.  All she knows is she doesn’t want to be the other woman, and she needs her job as Mandy’s assistant to get back on her feet.

She is not going to let any man mess this opportunity up for her, including the hot-as-Hades bear shifter, John Long, who continues to claim that she is his mate.

The two can only dance around the flames of desire for so long, though, before someone ends up getting burned.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Rancher Bears series include:  Rancher Bear’s BabyRancher Bear’s Mail Order Mate Rancher Bear’s Surprise Package – Rancher Bear’s Secret – Rancher Bear’s Desire -Rancher Bear’s Merry Christmas

Title:  Rancher Bear’s Desire
Series:  Rancher Bears #5
Author:  Candace Ayers
Published:  October 8, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

John has felt his entire life that he’ll never find his mate, so it’s not unreasonable for him to think that maybe Mandy might do as a life partner.  Right up until her newly hired assistant breaks into his house and his heart.    So here she was – the mate he never, ever believed he’d meet.  And to make matters even more complicated she wants no part of him… well aside from a quick romp.

Bunny is facing her first job after the divorce from that jerk-face who claimed that every thing in a skirt might be his true mate, so he just had to try them out, even if he was still married to her.  Yeah, right.  A nice way to say cheating, scumbag, bear shifter ex-husband.  She wants independence, freedom and never again to be shackled by any man, let alone a bear shifter… again.  John might make her mouth water, and her skin tingle but she wasn’t buying this mate thing.  No way.

I believe Bunny is the most stubborn of all the brothers’ mates.  She’ll bring heartache and physical pain to them both in order to prove her point – which cannot be proven because they are mates.  But it’s going to take time and a special message delivered in an unusual way to get her to change her mind.  I enjoyed Rancher Bear’s Desire, John and Bunny make an interesting couple… if a very stubborn one, on both sides.

This brings this series to a close… for now.  There is a Christmas story yet to come and I’m going to go check that out right now.  I love Christmas stories no matter the time of year.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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