Rancher Bears’ Merry Christmas by Candace Ayers

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Leave it to the magic of the Christmas season to deliver a miracle.

Lettie Jay was born and raised in Landing, Wyoming. She knows everything about everything that goes on in the town. So when three kids show up at her office looking a little rough around the edges, she knows something isn’t right. It’s Christmas Day. Kids should be wrapped up tight with their family, getting ready to open presents. She heads to the local sheriff, Tucker Long, to get them some help.

Tucker is just heading out the door on his way to his family’s Christmas party. After hearing the children’s plight, he decides that they could use some holiday cheer, at least until he can figure out what to do with them.

An old-fashioned Christmas with the Long family warms the children and warms Lettie to Tucker. Somewhere between singing carols and carving the turkey, something clicks. Could he be her mate? Is it possible? She’s already fallen head over heels for the three kids, alone and afraid of being put back out in the cold. She can’t help but think about her big house going to waste with no one in it but her and her cat.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

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Title:  Rancher Bears’ Merry Christmas
Series:  Rancher Bears #6
Author:  Candace Ayers
Published:  December 6, 2016
My Rating:  4 stars

In this sexy, touching Christmas romance we have romance in the air and three innocent children in need of a loving family.  Lettie and Tucker have known each other most of their lives living in the small town of Landing, Wyoming… a small town with secrets and shifters.  When three abandoned children show up at the office of Lettie’s travel agency she’s definitely shocked, yet she feels something for these kids – and she’s not about to back down from those feelings.

When Lettie arrives at the sheriff’s office, Tucker is at first concerned as she shuffles three small children in to the warmth.  A brief explanation, and Tucker is thinking the best place for all of them on Christmas Day is at his family’s sprawling ranch.  His mom, his aunt, all of his cousins and their mates plus a gaggle of children will be there  These kids need something good – and from the way he’s reacting to his friend Lettie, he and she need to have a conversation.

Rancher Bears’ Merry Christmas is a fun reunion of all the brothers and their families.  Love is found on so many levels and a solution for the children is perfectly clear to everyone involved.  No matter what time of year, this is a charming tale that I completely enjoyed.  I’m hoping to return to the Long family once more for Bailey’s story one day…the only sister among all these handsome bear shifter brothers and cousin.

I read this story through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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