Redeeming The Bear by Terry Bolryder

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Ryland Brolin is a walking time bomb. For years he’s kept the monster inside him locked away, allowing him to create a vast business empire and interfere in benevolent ways in his brother’s lives. Now that they are both happily mated, he has one last thing to do: shut down the Bear Canyon Brawl and end the violent legacy their father left behind. The only problem? In the process, Ryland has finally discovered his mate.

Lea Atherton knows it was a mistake to let her training sessions with billionaire Ryland Brolin end with sweaty sex on a gym floor. He’s the last person in the world she could be with, no matter how incredible he made her feel. She’s headed to Bear Canyon with a secret agenda, and she’s not going to let Ryland’s fallen-angel beauty or magic hands distract her from what she has to do. She has one thing to focus on: vengeance.

This year in Bear Canyon there are secrets around every corner. As Ryland and Lea are drawn together by the mysterious connection between them, dark forces from the past are closing in on every side. And if Ryland wants to survive this years Brawl and win his mate, he may just have to make peace with the monster inside him, and forgive himself for the monstrous mistakes of the past.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Trapped In Bear Canyon series include:  Sheltered By The BearCraved By The Bear – Redeemed By The Bear

Title:  Redeeming The Bear
Series:  Trapped In Bear Canyon
Author:  Terry Bolryder
Published:  February 27, 2017
My Rating:  4.5 stars

It’s time once again for the Brawl, the yearly fight contest for one bear’s (or wolf’s) dominance and a hefty prize money reward.  It’s barbaric, brings in the wrong types of Shifters to the Bear Canyon community and the Brolin brothers have no way to stop their abusive father’s legacy of The Brawl.  Well, there is one way, but it’s mired in red tape and loopholes but there is a way.  And the youngest brother, the one who rarely shifts into his bear for fear of the consequences of his out of control bear, has figured out the way to end this tradition seeped in his father’s abusive behaviors for good.  Now, he simply has to be the winner – and fight only as a human, not daring to shift.  Much easier said than done, but Ryland is determined to end this tradition just as other things have ended in this cruel place.

Lea, a wolf shifter, has been his trainer in getting ready to fight against shifted opponents as only a human.  On their final day of training they give in to the attraction that’s been building between them.  Ryland discovers that Lea is his mate – but she’s not buying it and walks away as though nothing momentous happened between them.  She knows differently, but she also has an agenda, and nothing, not even the possibilities with this sexy man will stop the plans that are already in place.  Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold – and she’s about to serve up a feast.

Redeeming The Bear brings the Brolin brothers’ stories based around the Brawl to a sort of conclusion.  Their friend, Francis, who has played a secondary role in many of the stories will have his tale told in the final story in this series – there is no release date for that as yet, but “soon” since it is a reader’s request story — see? we readers do have some power *grin*   So we aren’t totally leaving the area just yet, but the brothers have had their stories completed – again, as always with any series, for now.

I’ve completely enjoyed my time with this series.  All of the brothers have known abuse, heartache and eventually the joy of finding their mate.  Ryland’s story did truly break my heart at times.  As the youngest, the one with the biggest secrets of all, he has taken care of his older brothers in ways they had no inkling of over the years.  He believes he can win the Brawl and put his final plans in action.  He hopes he can but he also knows that he could be facing his death as well.  And that was fine, right up until the moment he realized that Lea was his mate.  She is holding on to secrets, always asking about his family but giving little information about her own.  The abusive, sadistic elder Brolin had much to answer for because his actions touched more than only his boys.  There is fast paced action, a bit of a mystery, definitely sexy steaming moments, betrayal and redemption in Redeeming The Bear – and I loved every moment of this story.

I would recommend this entire series for any lover of Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance.  Believable characters, intense action, mysteries, true love and finding personal peace at last.  Yeah, this is a series that will touch you as well as entertain you.

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