Rough Edges by Moxie North

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Two different people with completely different lives …

The quiet life in the Smoky Mountains allows Zane Marx the time to focus on the passion in his life–his art. He enjoys the variety of people he sees in his day job as a bartender, but always reminds himself that they are only there for a brief time.

Margo Klein has finally grown up. Realizing her status as the privileged daughter of the Klein Cougar pack has allowed her to lead a pampered but not exactly fulfilling life, she has started to turn things around. On a lark she heads to the same town where her brother found his mate. Was there a special charm in the mountain air that could lead her to her one and only mate?

Can the rich cougar shifter and the not-quite starving artist find a way to build a life together or are their differences to great?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Pacific Northwest Cougars series include:  Cougar’s VictoryCougar’s LuckCougar’s Gift Stick Shifter – Rough Edges –

Title:  Rough Edges
Series:  Pacific Northwest Cougars #5
Author:  Moxie North
Published:  November 30, 2016
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Growing up in the world of the Klein cougar shifter family has provided Margo with many privileges unknown by most of the world – it’s also taught her far more valuable life lessons.  For years she’d enjoyed the “rich girl” life to it’s fullest, but in recent years that lifestyle has lost some of it’s shimmer.  She’s begun to use her talent for picking amazing works of art as the art curator for her family’s hotel/casino in Las Vegas.  She’s also begun an art program for school children locally, bringing art into their world and allowing them the joy of making their own interpretations of the great artists works.  Her life has become more fulfilling in ways she hadn’t imagined possible, yet there is one yearning that will not go away.  She and her cat long for their mate.  Seeing other members of her family, and most recently her older brother Will find his mate in Delaney, a human, has given Margo an idea.  She will go along with Will and Delaney to his annual road trip to North Carolina for the event that brought those two together.  It may be in the backwaters of the mountains, but magic struck for Will, why not for her as well.

Rough Edges will bring Margo what she most desires, her mate in the human Zane Marx.  Although she does arrive in this small town in true Margo fashion (which gave me a few chuckles), Margo is like a fish out of water in this small Smoky Mountains town.  As she and her sister, Emily make a truly Klein style entrance to the local bar they will discover one jerk of a drunk and one knight in shining armor, Margo’s mate.

I had so much fun with this story.  Seeing Margo totally lose her self-confidence, in a momentary stupor when face to face with Zane for the first time was totally enjoyable.  When she lost her cool, and couldn’t put two coherent words together, well I lost my own control over my giggles.  Not in a mean way, it was just entertaining to see such a confident, in control woman finally “get” what the other couples in her family already knew – that when you find your mate absolutely nothing else exists.  I liked Zane.  He takes everything about Margo, including her cougar in stride.  He has his hesitations, of course, and he has no desire to leave his home in the Smoky Mountains that serve as such an inspiration for his metal art works.  Yet his growing love for Margo will open up a totally different world for him, no not the wealth but the world of shifters.  They actually balance each other quite well.

With an intense love, some danger from one idiot jerk, some definitely intense sexy times and the lore of the Pacific Northwest Cougars behind it all Rough Edges is a story that I would recommend without hesitation. … and just to keep you updated, the next story in the Pacific Northwest Bears releases today (May 9, 2017) and I’ll be diving into Rainier: Rochon Bears later today.  As you see, these are series that are entertaining, fun to read and totally addicting.  If you haven’t started either series yet, I would strongly recommend them to any Paranormal or Shifter Romance reader.

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