Fawkes, Kim

Kim Fawkes writes sexy, interesting Paranormal and Shifter Romance.

Here’s one interesting tidbit of author information. While you’ll often (or always) see Kit Fawkes & Kit Tunstall as co-authors on Shifter Romances – did you know that they are one and the same author? There was a time, and some authors still do this, where for every genre they write in they have a specific pen name. For Kit Tunstall her Paranormal pen name is Kit Fawkes, hence we get two writers in one.  I felt really badly for Ms Tunstall when she had to write a blog post explaining her “coming out” as an author with several pen names.  All because one reader who left a one star review decided to spill the beans… that should be an author’s decision.  Whenever I list an author’s other pen names, I’ve done my research to be certain that they themselves acknowledge that information.  It’s not cool to act otherwise.

I’ve mostly read her Shiftier Romances, so those are the ones you’ll see listed here at Shifter Haven.

Any titles that have been reviewed here will be linked back to the review post.

Finding Fatherhood

  1.   Papa Bear – Lucas & Libby
  2.   Guardian Cougar – Jackson & Hannah
  3.   Protector Wolf – Brandon & Skye