Shifting Alliances by Riley Storm

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Working at a dive bar on the outskirts of Plymouth Falls, Amber Ferlund can’t fall any further. But when the darkness inside her rears its head yet again, driving her out into the cold darkness of a northern winter, she realizes there’s always one more level of hell. Having abandoned herself, she waits for death to free her from looming insanity. What she doesn’t expect is that her savior will appear dressed in black, his sword stopping a hair from her throat. Nor that he will be so good looking.

Kasperi is on the hunt. He and his fellow bear shifters have been dispatched to investigate reports of magic being used in Plymouth Falls. Now, hot on the heels of the rogue mage, he readies his weapon and prepares to rid the world of yet another enemy, before they can kill more of his friends. But he stays his hand at the sight of the beautiful but beleaguered woman, alone in the forest, moments from freezing to death. She’s no threat to him, is she?

His fellow shifters disagree, but Kasperi knows they’re wrong. This woman needs aid, not the blade of his sword. Together, they must teach her how to control her gifts, to use them for good before they corrupt her completely. Nearby waits his former fellows, ready to take her head for the slightest mistake, and deeper in the shadows lurks a stronger enemy, one who recognizes Amber’s true potential. But, if anyone wants to get to Amber, they’ll have to go through Kasperi first, because he’ll protect his mate at all costs.

Titles in the High House Ursa series include — Bearing Secrets –  Furever Loyal – Mated to the Enemy – Shifting Alliances – Blood Bearon –

This is an adult 18+ story with language, possibly violence, and sexual situations geared toward an adult audience.

Title:  Shifting Alliances
Series:  High House Ursa #4
Author:  Riley Storm
Published:  February 13, 2019
My Rating:  4 stars

The intensity of SHIFTING ALLIANCES is off the chart.  While Amber has no true idea of the power she holds within, a power that often escapes with disastrous results, there are those who do understand and either want her dead or controlled.  Kasperi and the Asps have been charged with routing out the magic users and this trail leads directly to a woman cowering in the snow almost waiting for death to overtake her.  He almost gives her that gift when he hesitates for there is more here, he feels it and instinctively knows that she needs to learn to control her powers instead of allowing them to overtake and control her.  The fact that Amber is Kasperi’s mate, even though he has no idea how to tell her weighs heavily on his actions and his decisions – some that don’t have the best results.

I enjoyed this story overall, it brings us along further into the intrigue of the High Court, discovering who the traitor truly is (or at least thought to be the only remaining one – time will tell), and Kasperi won my heart early on.  I wish I could have liked Amber, but I didn’t, and by the end of the book I was still only tolerating her as my hero’s mate.  It happens some times where I just cannot click with a character no matter how I try.  Going deeper into my reasons would only further my own reasoning and perhaps slant you towards her in a way you might not otherwise feel.  So, I’ll simply say that Kasperi and Amber are sizzling hot, there are conflicts for them to face, and a murderous traitor to bring to justice.  There are some twists that I didn’t see coming until they were upon me, and that’s the way I like it.

I have so many stories to get caught up on in this world, but that’s a project for 2020.  If you love an intense magical, shifter romance that will keep you on your toes throughout then you’ll love SHIFTING ALLIANCES.  I would definitely recommend this one, and as always, you should be the final judge on the story and the characters.

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