Trapped with the Bear by Harmony Raines

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After suffering a heartbreaking loss the last thing Colleen is searching for is love.
But then she’s trapped in a remote cabin with bear shifter Morgan.
Can she resist the pull of her fated mate?

Colleen arrives at Bear Creek Lodge in search of solitude. She needs time away from those who care for her so that she can begin healing. If that is even possible.

The guilt she carries weighs heavily, and she doubts she will ever forgive herself.

A chance encounter gives her a glimpse of what real happiness looks like. It also reminds her of mistakes she’s made.

When Morgan meets his mate, he can sense her pain. He will do anything to take it away. But only Colleen has the power to let go of the sorrow she carries.

As danger threatens and they are forced to work together Morgan realizes that this might be his last chance to convince Colleen that they are meant to be together. That she deserves a happy ever after.

Just as he believes she might give their relationship a chance, she pushes him away.

Trapped together in a remote mountain cabin. Can they finally confront their inner demons and embrace a future together? Will they emerge stronger, or will fate tear them apart?

Just as it once did before.

Titles in the A Second Chance at Bear Creek Lodge series include — Maid For The Bear —♥— The Bear’s Forbidden Love —♥— Nanny for The Bear —♥— Trapped with The Bear —♥— The Bear’s Runaway Bride —♥— The Bear’s Unexpected Mate —♥— The Bear Finally Finds His Mate —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Title:  Trapped With the Bear
Series:  A Second Chance at Bear Creek Lodge #4
Author:  Harmony Raines
Published:  December 8, 2022
My Rating:  4.5

Trapped With the Bear is the fourth title in the A Second Chance at Bear Creek Lodge series, and brings two mates back together once again, even though they’ve never met before… officially that is.  Once, years ago Morgan was convinced his mate was nearby, but he was never able to find her on that trip even though he stayed in the area long after the sense of her was gone.  Since that day he’s waited for her scent, her presence to be made known to him again, to no avail.  He hasn’t given up hope but has resigned himself to the fact that he and his mate had a near miss, and it was unlikely that they’d ever find each other so many years later.

Fortunately, fate had other ideas when Colleen arrived at the lodge for some needed time away from well-meaning friends.  She’s carrying a heavy burden, one that won’t easily be set aside.  While Morgan knows immediately that his mate is, once again, nearby… he has no idea of the emotional battle he will be entering into to win her wounded heart.

Morgan and Colleen’s story is filled with such heartache and so much hope. While it’s easy to feel Morgan’s joy at finally having his mate with him, it’s equally easy to feel Colleen’s overwhelming guilt over recent events in her life.  A situation that will keep her at arm’s length from Morgan.  Even though she feels the pull toward this stranger, she will not act on those feelings for her guilt will not allow her to grab onto happiness for herself… not after what happened.  No, not going to give that away – you need to experience and feel this firsthand.  Watching Colleen open up to Morgan to finally let someone else know exactly what happened, and her part in it will free her in so many ways.  Yet, it’s heartbreaking to know the pain she’s gone through.  Morgan is a wonderful hero.  He’s found his mate, and he has to work to get her to see him as more than a stranger she let herself truly talk to.  He’ll need to show her what they can have together as a couple, and that’s not going to be easy.

Trapped With the Bear is an emotional journey.  One with a happy ending, eventually.  Sometimes, the best rewards come with time and trust… and a love to last a lifetime.

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