Wing Her Over by Amelia Jade

Andrew Raskell had life just the way he wanted it. As a gryphon shifter and ambassador from his homeland of Cadia to the small human town of Cloud Lake, life is peaceful and uneventful. Mostly. But when he comes upon a wolf shifter trying to harm a human woman, his intervention changes everything. He never thought he’d see the short, blonde haired woman again, but a second chance meeting proved to him that it must be fate. Now, if he could only show her that he was right for her. 

Karri Blaine had everything figured out. From a young age she’d driven herself harder than anyone else in the quest to take over her shifter-hating father’s company. The only problem? He wants to give it to her immature younger brother instead. All it will take is one slip up on Karri’s part and her father will have the reason he needs to strip her of her role within the company. Karri knows that she shouldn’t invite the shifter into her life. Not after what happened to her family two years before. This could be the opening her father needs, but she’s blinded by the sexiest, strongest man she’s ever met. 

Her father isn’t the only problem that Karri needs to worry about. Andrew has unknowingly dragged her into the crosshairs of those who are gunning for his job, and they’ll stop at nothing to get there. Andrew is playing for keeps though, and he’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart, no matter the cost to him… 

Wing Her Over  is connected to a few connecting series by Amelia Jade.  Top Flight Academy, Dragons of Cadia, Base Camp Bears and The Koche Brothers (Blackjack Bears).

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Aurum Dragon by Amelia Jade

Daxxton Ryker, Wing Commander of Top Scale Academy, had finally found somewhere he could make a difference. By training future generations of dragons to help protect his homeland of Cadia, he hoped to make up for the mistakes of his past. But when he arrives at the borders of his homeland to respond to a distress call, the last thing he expected was her. After centuries of believing he had lost his only chance at love, it turns out he might have been wrong. Very wrong.

As head of security for the Princess of Tanith, Miranda Pyke has been exposed to many powerful figures over the years. But none of them have stolen her breath like the tall, golden-skinned shifter from Cadia. Despite her intense focus on her job, the handsome dragon with the quick wit never strays far from her mind. She knew it would only take one slip on her part for things to get out of control…

Can the pair fight off the relentless mercenary’s intent on kidnapping the princess, while still managing to discover just how deep their feelings for each other run? And when the time comes for the truth to be laid bare, how will Daxxton cope with the secret she’s been hiding the entire time?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Dragons of Cadia series include:  Gale Dragon – Fume Dragon – Aurum Dragon — connecting to the previous Top Scale Academy series and the next series Base Camp Bears as all these stories have an overlying story thread woven throughout each series and story that ultimately connect them all.

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Fume Dragon by Amelia Jade

Dragon shifter Blaine Wingstar has seen a lot over his three centuries of life. Enough to know that the woman whose groceries he just accidentally dumped all over the store isn’t from the shifter town of Cadia. That isn’t the only thing different about the platinum-haired beauty, however, as his dragon’s reaction is quick and fierce. Whatever it is, all Blaine knows is he’s craving more.

Cassi Karkasy isn’t visiting Cadia for fun. She’s part of a legal team from rival shifter stronghold Fenris sent to defend one of their own who is locked up. Now a chance collision has her whisked into a date with a handsome shifter who she knows by reputation alone. But does she dare tell him the real reason she’s in Cadia, and why she fought so hard for it?

Yet as she swiftly learns, their fates are more directly intertwined than either of them could have planned. As her half-truths come back to haunt her, an attack on her team convinces Cassi that perhaps Cadia isn’t the place for her after all. Can Blaine forgive her, and figure out who’s behind it all before he loses the love he thought he’d never find?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Dragons of Cadia series include:  Gale Dragon – Fume Dragon – Aurum Dragon — connects to Top Scale Academy and Base Camp Bears series continuing the underlying Cadia vs Fenris story line with some recurring characters from earlier stories

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Gale Dragon by Amelia Jade

Presumptive heir to his family name, Zander Pierce will have it all. Money, power, and more at his fingertips. But on her deathbed, his mother says he must mate before she passes, or else his cousin will get everything. In a race for time, the dragon shifter decides it would be easier to just pretend. All he needs now is the right woman.

Clothing consultant Riss Levion is a human living in a shifter world. But even after living amongst them all her life, she immediately realizes there’s something different about the dragon shifter who just walked into the shop where she works. As he seamlessly inserts himself into her life, Riss begins to let her guard down. After all, who could resist the gorgeous sandy-haired shifter?

But as his secrets begin to emerge and she becomes more familiar with his position as a dragon Guardian of Cadia, Riss wonders if perhaps she’s made a horrible mistake. Can Zander prove to Riss that his feelings for her weren’t faked, or will a meddling third party doom the mates to a life alone?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Dragons of Cadia series include:  Gale Dragon – Fume Dragon – Aurum Dragon — this series also connects to the previous Top Scale Academy and the Base Camp Bears series with same overlying major story line, recurring characters and the escalating of events in Cadia

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