Arsenic Dragon by Terry Bolryder

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Arsenic, second in command of the Drakkaris dragon guard and legendary assassin, knows that he’s not worthy of a mate. How could a professional killer possibly find love? And yet, when a dangerous mission to save an imprisoned human leads to the task of being her personal bodyguard, the stand-offish dragon just might have to reconsider everything he knows (or thinks he knows) about love.

Farrah hates shifters. After being captured by wolves, taken to a remote island, and used for horrible experiments, she is ready to give up. But just when she’s about to lose hope, she’s rescued in the nick of time by incredible men with incredible powers. And one in particular, with bright green eyes and an indelible intensity, offers to protect her while she gets back to her normal life at home. But life is anything but normal with a man like Arsenic around.

Despite her reservations, Arsenic ends up being a much kinder (and much sexier) protector than Farrah could have possibly imagined. But with the possibility of having her memory erased, Farrah must weigh if the horror of the past outweighs the possibility of a future with a man she doesn’t think she could ever forget. And time is running out, because there are horrors from Farrah’s past that are more than just a memory…

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Dragon Guard of Drakkaris include:  Lead Dragon – Cadmium Dragon –  Arsenic Dragon

The Dragon Guard of Drakkaris series is part of the connecting universe of the Awakened Dragons, and has a slight connection and crossover characters may appear.  To see the titles in these connecting series please visit the Terry Bolryder page.

Title:  Arsenic Dragon
Series:  Dragon Guard of Drakkaris #3
Author:  Terry Bolryder
Published:  January 29, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Farrah was not a dragon heart but had been captured along with the other women these evil shifters held hostage.  When the other women were moved to another location Farrah was left behind for experimentation and torture.  Just when she was near death and completely broken she was rescued by the Dragon Guard, mainly Arsenic and Marina and faced with another type of captivity – her own fears.  All she wanted to do was forget everything that had happened to her and the Oracle held out that option – eventually.  But first Farrah would be allowed to return home with a guardian, Arsenic, to insure that she was no longer hunted, then the Oracle would grant her wish if that was what she still wanted.

During the rescue and shortly after Arsenic had troubling feelings about this human.  The Oracle had made it clear that she was not a mate to any of the dragons, but if that were true then why was his dragon convinced that she was theirs.  Guarding Farrah was pure torture to Arsenic as his feelings grew for this brave little human – and all she wanted was to forget his existence.  Not much hope for a lifelong commitment there.

I’ve enjoyed Arsenic for some time now.  He’s totally rough around the edges, but he came from a far different background from most of the rest of the Dragon Guard.  His attempts at cooking produce horrendous, inedible results but he keeps putting what he likes together in one pot… with not so great results.  I’ve had a soft spot for this guy and I’d hoped for an amazing mate for him.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t connect with Farrah.  The more honorable things Arsenic did for her, the more it seemed Farrah set out to hurt him with words and actions.  I tried putting myself in her place, thinking of what she’d been through but no matter what I did I simply couldn’t like this mate of a favorite dragon of mine.  Perhaps as the series continues and she is involved in the next stories my opinion of her may change.  I’ll give her that benefit of a doubt.

(Funny isn’t it, how we readers become protective of characters we know from a long set of series?)

I enjoyed Arsenic Dragon, it wasn’t all dependent upon my liking Farrah.  And I’d recommend this story and the entire series to any Paranormal Romance or shifter Romance reader who enjoys action, danger, sexy mates and a group of dragons to care about.

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