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Wolf’s Instinct by Elva Birch

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Shifter kids and hot single dads in a small town with a secret…

Lynx shifter Addison has come to the quaint Montana town of Nickel City to work at a new, shifters-only daycare. She doesn’t expect to meet a breathtakingly gorgeous man on her first day wrangling owl toddlers and armadillo kids. But she’s been dazzled by a handsome face before and barely got away from her last controlling boyfriend. Can she trust her lynx’s instinct that this is where she’s meant to be at last?

Roderick’s toddler daughter and busy plumbing business keep him too wrapped up for romance, and while he trusts his wolf, the magic of instinct can be like playing hot and cold with a kid who’s forgotten where they hid the prize. Everything about the new arrival Addison makes him think there might just be room in his little family for one more, but he has to think of Gabby first.

Just as they think they might find the path together to their own happy-ever-after, Addison’s new job is threatened, and the mother of Roderick’s daughter arrives to complicate matters…and she isn’t the only ex on the horizon. Can they keep the fledgling daycare from going under and follow their instincts to find happiness?

Titles in the A Daycare for Shifters series include — Wolf’s Instinct —♥— Dragon’s Instinct —♥— Unicorn’s Instinct —♥— Gryphon’s Instinct —♥—


If you love Elva Birch (who also writes as Zoe Chant with other authors), then check out our Elva Birch page.

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Stormwolf Summer by Zoe Chant

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War zones and wildfires? No sweat.
A summer camp full of shifter kids? Oh, hell no.

Buck Frazer has been a lot of things in his life – a Marine, a firefighter, human. And now, after an unwanted bite, he’s a motherloving werewolf. With wings.

He’s supposed to be enjoying his hard-earned retirement, not waking up naked on rooftops. But the feral furball sharing his skin wants to be part of a pack. And no matter how hard he fights, it keeps dragging him to one place: Camp Thunderbird. A secret summer camp for shifter kids… which is in desperate need of a camp counselor.

Two months wrangling a pack of hyperactive nine-year-olds who poof into fur every five minutes. Buck would rather swallow ground glass, but his personal curse isn’t giving him a choice.

Only one thing could make this worse… and she just said, “Hi! I’m your co-counselor!”

The gorgeous woman with the sunny smile is the last thing he needs – now, or ever. Even the damn kids can see the connection between them (and are way too keen to give fate a helping hand, as if he didn’t have enough problems already). Her briefest touch has the beast in him howling for release.

She’s his motherloving mate.

And she doesn’t… seem to have… noticed?

Which doesn’t make a lick of sense. Buck knows shifters (not that he is one, thank you very much). The moment they meet their mate, every other thought falls out of their tiny skulls. And Camp Thunderbird is shifters-only; no humans allowed. The infuriating woman must know she’s driving him mad. She has to be a shifter…


Welcome to Cub Camp. It’s going to be one wild summer…

Authors note: Buck first appeared in Fire & Rescue Shifters: Wildfire Crew, but you do not need to have read that series to enjoy this book. But if you have read the Wildfire series, you’ll see some familiar faces at camp…

Titles in the Shifter Cub Camp series include — Stormwolf Summer —♥— Pegasus Summer —♥—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Unicorn Vet by Zoe Chant

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Who do you call when you find a tiny baby dragon?

Shifter Vets!

Angel is a small-town veterinarian with a horny secret. Everly is a stressed-out manager on vacation who just found a darling baby dragon. He knows they were made for each other. But a few things stand between them and true love, namely…

1. A truckload of mystery fish.

2. His suspicious werewolf colleague.

3. Her job that won’t leave her alone.

4. The flaw in his magic that got him rejected by the other unicorns.

5. A deadly creature whose gaze turns living things to stone.

6. A teleporting chicken.

Her life is in the city. His is in the country. But Vets For All Pets–and the magical animals its shifter vets care for–have a lot of practice at bridging different worlds…

Titles in the Shifter Vets trilogy include — Unicorn Vet —♥— Bear Vet —♥— Winged Wolf Vet —♥—

Owned-A TBR selection

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A Valentine’s Chase by Layla Nash

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A Valentine's ChaseMeadow Crawford sees things that no one else does. When a blind date goes badly wrong, she discovers that the world of fae and a city full of shifters actually exist. And that Rafe O’Shea isn’t the kind of man to let a disastrous first date deter him from asking for a second.

Rafe knows Meadow is meant to be his mate from the moment he sees her, but her friendship with the mysterious fae leader Smith brings a new level of complication into Rafe’s life. When Meadow is kidnapped by a rogue pack, Rafe will pay any price and fight any monster to rescue her.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, Rafe wants his mate safe with him and to show her everything is right in the world. But if she can’t trust herself or her new powers as a muse, how will she ever trust him?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in The City Shifters – The Pride series include –  Thrill of the Chase – Chasing Trouble – Storm Chaser – Cut To The Chase – Chasing The Dream – A Chase Christmas – A Valentine’s Chase – A Mother’s Pride

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When A Beta Roars by Eve Langlais

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How degrading. Stuck babysitting a woman because his alpha said so. As Pride Beta, he has better things to do with his time, like washing his impressive mane, hunting down thugs for fun, and chasing tail—sometimes his own if his lion is feeling playful.

But his babysitting job takes an unexpected turn when the woman he’s assigned guard duty over turns out to be his mate.

A female threatened by an outside wolf pack.

A woman he wants to call his own.

A mate who doesn’t fall for his charm.

Usually, Betas leave the roaring to the Pride’s alpha, but in this case, given his level of frustration, he might have to make an exception. And if anyone doesn’t like it, they can kiss his furry tail.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the A Lion’s Pride series include:  When An Alpha PurrsWhen A Beta Roars – When An Omega Snaps – A Tiger’s Bride – When A Lioness Snarls – When A Lioness Pounces – When A Lioness Growls – When A Lioness Hunts – When A Tigon Weds

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