Shifter Romance in new “Lines”

Within the last year or so those of us who love Shifter Romance have begun to see what I’m calling “lines” begin to show up.  Examples would be the Howls Romance “line” or the Shifters In Love – Fun & Flirty “line”.  They aren’t truly a series, for while there are often connecting books within the “line” that make up a full series or connect to other series, there are also stories that connect to nothing but themselves… so these titles cannot fall into the “Multi-Author Series” category.

So, mainly for my own purposes of keeping track of what I read I’m creating another tab.  Should this help you as well, then that’s the bonus for us both.  🙂

There will most likely be more than this beginning short list – that’s kind of what happens when a great idea takes off.  But for now these links below will take you to the titles that I know about / and have read and reviewed so far.  Enjoy, you may find a few new to you authors here.

Howls Romance

Shifters In Love-Fun & Flirty

BAD Alpha Dads