BAD Alpha Dads

.BAD Alpha Dads is a unique set of stories where Dad has to truly prove just what a good father or father figure he can truly be.  These are definitely the “Bad Boys” of the Shifter world, but anyone can be melted by a cub, kit, or kid.  You may find a complete series within this line – or you may find one story that connects/is part of another series or might be a complete stand-alone title – no matter which you’ll always have a good time with these bad boys.

The official website for BAD Alpha Dads can be found through this link.

The release dates for each month can be found on the official BAD Alpha Dads website.  Here, you’ll find the titles that I’ve read and reviewed – so far.

Any titles that have been reviewed at Shifter Haven will be linked back to the review post.

BAD Alpha Dads

Tiger’s Eye by Kenna McClare

The Fighter (Sylvan City Alphas #3) by Reina Torres

Inflame by Lisa Carlisle (Underground Encounters #8)

Savage Redemption by Liza Street (Corona Pride – connection)

Whiskey and Wolves by Cecilia Lane (Shifters and Sins

Tequila and Tigers by Cecilia Lane (Shifters and Sins

Bourbon and Bears by Cecilia Land (Shifters and Sin