Howls Romance

Howls Romance stories are a slightly different style of Shifter Romance.

Think Harlequin Presents meets the Shifter World.

(that analogy with an official name is my own creation, Howls Romance makes no mention of another publishing house, only “classic” romances.  Yet, if you’ve ever read those “classics” you know exactly what this furry twist is all about, in my opinion. )

They’re fun, enjoyable – and no, you probably will not find in-depth background on the stories, you’ll simply dive right into chaos.  After all, these are a line of stories that give us the paranormal world in a harlequin-style universe.

Enjoy them for what they are.  Fun.  Entertaining… and really good.  (Howls romance stories are sorta numbered, but they are not necessarily part of a series… they are simply given a number just like that other romance  line *grin*)

You will find so many of your favorite Paranormal Romance or Shifter Romance authors within the Howls Romance world.  And I would imagine that even more will come on-board at some point.  To start, look for a title a week, then they will taper down to a set number of stories offered each month… at least that’s what I’ve read.  And we all know to be wary of what we read, right?  I wish this endeavor much success – Shifter Romance is becoming its own sub-genre beyond being part of the Paranormal Romance world.  It’s perfectly fitting to welcome a line of stories like these into the fold.

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