Tarian Traitor by T. S. Joyce

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Annamora Fredrickson is turning a new leaf. Four months ago, she saw a picture of herself that made her determined to change her whole life. She’s a shifter on a mission, and nothing can stand in her way…except for perhaps one person. One hot as fire, smooth-talking heir to the Deadlies throne, Orion Burge. It doesn’t matter that he is way out of her league, her little heart has had a crush on him since their time with the Old Tarian Pride. Only she’s not as smooth as she was back then, and she’s messing up every opportunity to talk to him. While she’s falling hard for the quiet monster, Orion has a big destiny that is looming right in front of him, and the more secrets she finds out about him, the more she realizes that destiny does not include her. 

Orion is headed right for a storm. He’s killed the last Alpha of the Deadlies Pride, and now it’s his time to take it over. There’s only one tie that has him lingering with the New Tarian Pride though, and that’s one shy, awkward, sometimes-witty, always-charming Annamora. Does she even know all of the secret ways he’s protected her? And he’s not done yet. Now he owes it to her to protect her one last time…from himself. 

This is an adult 18+ story that includes language, violence and sexual situations geared toward an adult audience.

Titles in the New Tarian Pride series include — Tarian Alpha – Tarian Silver Lion – Tarian Outcast – Tarian ProtectorTarian Traitor 

This series has a tie-in, a continuing tie (a strong one) to the connecting sets of series that make up the Damon’s Mountains universe.  For a complete listing of those series and links to the reviews done here at Shifter Haven, please visit our T. S. Joyce page.

Title:  Tarian Traitor
Series:  New Tarian Pride #5
Author:  T. S. Joyce
Published:  May 27, 2019
My Rating:  5 stars

There are many individual stories from the many series that make up Damon’s Mountains universe, they have all touched me for different reasons – and Orion and Anna from TARIAN TRAITOR will be added to that unique group of mine.  I’ve never hidden the fact that I love anything and everything that T. S. Joyce has written but this story of an Alpha who didn’t want to be and one awkward survivor coming together to form that perfect for them couple is amazing – and will remain a favorite for a long time.

If you’ve followed the series you already know that Orion killed his father, the corrupt, brutal, evil Alpha of the Deadlies Pride.  What has become obvious is that Orion is hanging around the New Tarian Pride for several reasons.  His sister, his reluctance to take over as Alpha to a sick, brutal Pride and one awkward, charming in her own unique way woman who he has protected and watched over for so long.  They are about to move their relationship to another level and it’s going to be funny, sad, painful, joyful and so satisfying to follow them on that journey.

I don’t want to say more than the obvious for this final story in the New Tarian Pride series should be enjoyed firsthand, not through another’s words.  I loved Anna and Orion individually and together.  It was pure joy, for me, to run into so many beloved characters as this series wraps up.  Intense battle scenes, soft lover’s conversations it all comes together in one of the best final stories in these series that I’ve enjoyed so much over the years.  So, yes, for me this story was heartfelt and I loved every single moment spent in this universe once again.

I hope we return to this unique universe soon for I don’t believe all the stories of Damon’s Mountains have been told just yet.

I read Tarian Traitor through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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