To Tame A Bear by Emilia Hartley

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Aimee Han likes her life as spicy as the Korean-influenced food she makes, and when she and her best friend Callie escape from Callie’s father and the oppressive Den he controls, Aimee believes her life may finally be heating up. At last, she can follow her dreams of opening a restaurant. And with Callie off with her new mate, Aimee’s got the gorgeous grizzly she’s fallen for (and his gourmet kitchen) all to herself. Dominick is as tasty as the feasts she loves to make, and he seems to find her irresistible. 

At least she does until the suffering caused by their fight with the Den makes him wild. The post-fight Dom is in constant pain and pulling away from Aimee as if afraid he might break her. 

Can Aimee convince Dom that she’s stronger than she looks in time to prevent his bear side from overwhelming the man she loves?

This is an adult 18+ novel that does include language and sexual situations

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Title:  To Tame A Bear
Series:  Lumberjack Bears #4
Author:  Emilia Hartley
Published:  December 1, 2018
My Rating:  4 stars

“To Tame A Bear” is the intense, emotional story of how one broken bear shifter battles through the damage done to him by the enemy, not always successfully, and the otter shifter who loves him no matter how far he tries to run.

Dominick and Aimee’s story turned out very different from what I was expecting.  Which just proves I’m the reader, not the writer.  Because of the emotional depth of this one, I’m making the choice to not say much at all.  Their story is intense, it is painful, it is an internal war and a battle between them as well.  There were moments when I truly wasn’t certain who would win, even knowing it’s a romance.  This one will grab your emotions – hard, and not let go until the final page.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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