Lowlander Silverback by T. S. Joyce

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Lowlander SilverbackMarked by a notoriously dangerous leader, Kong is gorilla shifter royalty who is being guarded until he is called to perform his fated duty for his people. That duty? Take over a family group and father the next generation of gorilla shifters. Too bad he has no interest in that future. His eyes and heart have been on a buxom beauty who works at the bar his Lowlander Crew hangs out at. Three years and he’s had to keep his distance to protect her from his guards, but she’s noticed his silent attention, and now she’s showing up in unexpected places, tempting him to break all the rules. And the closer he gets to Layla, the harder it is for him to accept leaving her behind.

Layla Taylor is baffled by the sexy shifter who watches her work. His eyes follow her wherever she goes, but he refuses to talk to her and shuts her down every time she strikes up a conversation. Without his crew around, a chance encounter opens her eyes to Kong’s volatile world, and she realizes the man she’s fallen for is not what he seems. In a love story full of adventure, danger, betrayal, unlikely allies, and heart-pounding romance, Layla will have to decide whether loving Kong is worth risking her life, or walk away and let him fulfill his destiny.

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Gray Back Bears series include:  Gray Back Bad Bear Gray Back Alpha BearGray Back Ghost BearGray Back Broken Bear – Lowlander Silverback – The Last Immortal Dragon – A Very Beastly Christmas

Title:  Lowlander Silverback
Series:  Gray Back Bears #5
Author:  T. S.  Joyce
Published:  September 16, 2015
My Rating:  4.5 stars

We’ve run into Kong throughout the Gray Back Bears series, but he’s been a shadowy kind of secondary character up until now.  Oh, we’ve heard a few words of wisdom on occasion, a subtle warning on others but for the most part Kong has been somewhat of a ghost on the edges of the other stories.

Of all the characters we’ve met up to this point in the connecting series that make up the overarching Damon’s Mountains series, I believe I’ve equally felt the most for Easton (Beaston) and Kong.  Their sadness and despair sits on their shoulders like a cloak and you cannot help but feel it on some level throughout the entire series.

Kong is a silver back gorilla shifter, and their lifestyle is far different from the wolves, bears and even dragons that we’ve encountered so far.  Kong was to be a breeder for his clan, nothing more than a service provider to ensure that multiple and strong children are born into the group.  What good is being “royalty” when all that is of interest about you is your sperm.  His harem would have expected his obedience and his protection.  One maniac of a female Alpha has made Kong’s life a living hell.  She wants him for herself, to take over a family unit to breed strong future alphas with – and until she’s ready, she has ensured that Kong will not take up with another woman through his constant companions or his bodyguard jailers as they are otherwise known.  This is not the life that Kong longs for.  He wants one mate, one woman to love, adore, protect and raise a family with far beyond the family units of his people.  For three long years he’s held himself back from the woman he believes is his mate.  Her protection from the crazed alpha is only a guarantee if he doesn’t acknowledge the feelings he has.  But it’s getting more difficult each day that passes and suddenly it seems that Layla is going to be the one to make the  move… and at this point in time, Kong is alright with that.

I found Kong and Layla’s romance to be emotionally touching, with danger, changes and a satisfying ending.  Kong’s love for Layla shines through and Layla’s determination to be with the man she loves, no matter what captured my heart.

If you love Shifter Romance then I cannot think of a group of connecting stories, series that draw you in and keep your attention than the stories out of Damon’s Mountains.  I would highly recommend Lowlander Silverback and all the stories in the Gray Back Bears series without hesitation.  You’ll find endearing characters, sexy times, and a deep abiding love – what more could you ask for?

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