To Redeem A Bear by Emilia Hartley

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Orion knows he’s losing the battle to control his bear. It’s only a matter of time before he’s so far gone that one of his friends feels obliged to put him down like a well-loved but rabid dog. 

That’s partly why he welcomes the sexy shifter from the Den who shows up with a silver-bullet with his name on it. Orion figures this will be the perfect end–he’ll have a bit of fun with this Anais and then stop complicating everyone’s life. 

He doesn’t count on the would-be assassin being his mate, a woman with complications of her own who is less and less willing to kill him the more time they spend together. 

Can two broken bears find wholeness together? 

Or is this a match doomed to fail?

This is an adult 18+ novel that does include language and sexual situations

Titles in Lumberjack Bears include — To Love A BearTo Save A BearTo Trust A BearTo Tame A BearTo Redeem A Bear

Title:  To Redeem A Bear
Series:  Lumberjack Bears #5
Author:  Emilia Hartley
Published:  December 31, 2018
My Rating:  4.5 stars

From the very beginning of the Lumberjack Bears series, this has been a set of stories that, for me, range from stunningly emotional to an enjoyable read to continue the overarching story of the series.  “To Redeem A Bear’ brings the series to an exciting, satisfying finale with two turned humans who never asked to become bear shifters discovering that fate has something unique in mind for them.  One an out of control bear, the other a desperate woman determined to do what is necessary for an ungrateful family member.  Neither knew that her decision to end his life would begin a brand new life for them each far richer than they could have ever imagined for themselves.

I’d like to say that Richard got exactly what he deserved in the end… but that’s not true in my mind.  He is a vile excuse for a living being, and there would have been only one ending that would have satisfied me on that front.  There are many things I could say about this story, what happened, what I waited to happen but to do so would spoil your experience of discovering this ending for yourself.  Orion and Anais play off each other perfectly and make an intriguing fated mating that neither expected to find or that Anais actually believed in.  Watching their journey take place was full of tensions, chuckle out loud moments, held breath and satisfied nods.  I suspect this is the final story, yet I see a few loose threads that might lead to more… or to nothing at all.  I guess time will tell on that.  I enjoyed this series very much overall and would recommend it to any reader who enjoys a good shifter romance.

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