For Wizard Advocate Violet Sanwick, the last several months have been anything but ordinary. She’s gone from a cushy office job to fighting on the front lines of a major war against evil. Some days, she isn’t sure if she can handle it all. Still, her new gig as a soldier has its perks—mainly, that she gets to hang out with Weston Pars, a sexy dragon shifter who’s just as witty as he is handsome. She and Weston have developed a deep friendship during their time together in the Falcon Cross Army, but Violet is determined not to let things go any further. After all, there’s a war going on. When she and Weston get into a huge fight about the best way to attack their powerful nemesis, Violet knows she made the right choice in avoiding romance. But Weston isn’t going to dismiss the chemistry between them so easily… 

Dragon shifter Weston Pars has never met a woman who could drive him as crazy as Violet does—in both good and bad ways. Violet is beautiful, smart, and fun, but Weston can’t stand the way she thinks she knows more about war than him. After all, he’s the one who’s been fighting all his life, while she spent her days behind a desk. But when Violet turns out to be right about a huge battle, and Weston almost loses her in the process, he’s forced to admit that his feelings for her run deeper than he thought. He decides he’s going to win her heart over completely, but she’s decided they can’t make things work in the middle of war’s chaos. Challenge accepted. Weston begins to relentlessly pursue Violet’s affections, but, just as Violet predicted, war makes things difficult. With life or death battles a constant theme of their days, it’s hard to find time alone with Violet. So when Weston sees a chance to run straight into enemy territory with only Violet by his side, he jumps on it. He’ll have the chance to impress Violet and destroy Saul’s strongest secret weapon, all in one shot. It’s the perfect opportunity—as long as they both make it out alive. 

Will Weston be able to keep Violet safe and win her heart over while behind enemy lines?

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in the Redwood Dragons series include:  Defiance and the Dragon – Summer and the Dragon – The Commander and the Dragon – Determination and the Dragon – Destiny and the Dragon – Escape and the Dragon – Stealth and the Dragon – Fury and the Dragon – Courage and the Dragon 

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