Shawn: Spring by Harmony Raines

A silverback seasoned shifters romance

He’s found his mate, at last. Can she stop him from losing his daughter?

Cougar shifter, Shawn, has been a father to Jane since she was a baby. He didn’t know her past, he was only interested in giving her the best future possible—and keeping her safe.

Now her future is in jeopardy as secrets are revealed and unknown enemies unmasked.

But he’s not alone when it comes to keeping Jane safe. His mate is by his side every step of the way. Joanna, gorgeous, strong, and funny, is the perfect woman for him. The perfect mate and, if given the chance, Shawn knows she will be the perfect mother.

She’s also a very capable police detective. Surely, the bad guys don’t stand a chance. But they soon find out there is more than just Jane at risk. As the stakes are raised, will they ever find their happy ever after together?

Joanna is a wolf shifter who had given up all hope of ever finding her mate. Instead, she poured her energy into bringing bad people to justice. Including the man who was responsible for killing her father.  But just as she is starting to move on, Shawn enters her life.

Smart, sexy, and loving father, he is the mate of her dreams. However, she is soon drawn back into the corrupt world that ended in her father’s murder.  Only this time she intends for everyone to come out of it alive.

When two mates join forces, nothing can stop them. Of course, it helps to have a dragon shifter fighting alongside them. Even one as cantankerous as Fiona.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.  A silverback seasoned shifters romance.

Titles in the Shifter Seasons series include – Hex – Beck – MacKelosShawn – Joey – O’Malley – Axel –

This series is a spin-off from the Return to Bear Creek world and the Seasoned Silverback Shifters as well – if you love anything by Harmony Raines, including her many connecting series then please visit our Harmony Raines page for lists of series and titles (almost all) reviewed here at Shifter Haven.

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Tad by Harmony Raines

He’d waited half a lifetime for her. There was no way he could let her walk away.

Renowned sculptor, and father to baby Milly, Tad has seen his brother meet and fall in love with his mate. He’d almost given up hope that she would walk into his life. But she did. She walked right into his studio and asked for his help.

And he could not say no. Never. Ever.

Even if helping his mate, Heather, meant standing in front of a crowd of people and making a speech. Yeah. Give him a child to protect. Or a mate to defend and he’d do it. No question. But public speaking? Hell no!

But she asked. So he’ll do it. Because she needs a win. She needs her plans to come to fruition. She needs to feel that rush of triumph to be able to get over her past.

So of course, he’ll do it. She’s his mate.

Thaddeus Harrison. The guy makes her go weak at the knees. Not a thing Heather had ever expected when she makes a last-minute plea to the famous sculptor to open her new business venture. But then he’s not your average sculptor.

He is so much…more.

There is something about him. Something she can’t explain. Maybe that’s it. A little mystery goes a long way. And she’d be willing to go all the way with him.

Not that she has time to go anywhere. Moving to a new town with her two children and her mother, and opening a new business, takes all her time and energy. There is no time for a man in her life. And she wouldn’t want one even if there was.

However, being with Tad makes anything possible. Even a happy ever after in the arms of a man she loves.

But just when Heather thinks she’s got it all worked out, her ex-husband shows up to ruin everything. Or so he thinks. But Heather has grown, she’s a different person. A new person.

With Tad by her side. She will succeed. Because when Tad looks at her with those soft, sensual eyes she can do anything. Be anything.

Most of all, Heather can be Tad’s mate. Forever.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Three Silverback Bears and A Baby series include —  MaxTad – Jake

This series connects in some ways to the Bear Creek series, the Bear Bluff series, the Return to Bear Bluff series… And especially to the Return to Bear Creek series.  Characters from all these series seem to visit in quite a neighborly fashion *grin* between Bear Creek and Bear Bluff… so if you haven’t checked them out the list of somewhat connecting series is on the Harmony Raines page.

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