So I Married a Werewolf by Kristen Strassel

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I married a wolf for “the good of the pack.” Ask me how that worked out. Now I’m a rejected mate with three kids, and a wolf in sequins and fierce heels is on my doorstep, promising she can breathe life into the dreams that died that day… if I’m willing to put my fate in her well-manicured claws.

I’ll get three questions.

Why did my ex tuck tail and leave me with a giant mess? What is he trying to prove by coming back? And am I brave enough to defy my pack and choose myself?

Oh, enough about him already. He had his chance. I’m ready for a new life.

Bibi le Bonnet is my fairy dragmother. The fabulous wolf will give me a total life makeover and the mating ceremony of my dreams… All I have to do is become a contestant on The Mating Game and choose a mate sight unseen after asking a few flirty questions in front of a live audience.

Three potential suitors.

After a shocking twist on stage, my chosen wolf is revealed as none other than superstar Logan Mathis. I’ve spent so many nights fantasizing about the famous actor, and now he’s on The Mating Game wooing the biggest homebody mom ever: me. Can I trust this wolf when he says he’s willing to claim me or is it all an act to revive his career?

And three dates to find my forever mate.

Every date with Logan is time in the spotlight. I want to believe the fantasy, but am I fooling myself? Because my ex is back, and he’ll drag my pack into open war before he lets any other wolf have me.

Titles in The Mating Game series (which is a spin-off of The Real Werewives series) include — So I Married a Werewolf —♦— So I Won a Werelion —♦—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Rancher Dragon’s Unexpected Mate

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A family starting over after being banished from paradise, their patriarch losing his life after being falsely accused of a crime committed by others. Brothers forged together by duty to protect and provide for their mother and sister. When the oldest brother, a cowboy lonely for love but content in the wilderness, is thrust into the spotlight by a Hollywood sweetheart, her secret might get them both killed.

Ellie Dampier
I was happiest on the big screen where I could be anybody until someone wanted me gone.  Falling props, flat tires, nasty notes in my trailer, I needed to get away, vanish – and my manager told me about Outdoor Outfitters.  The wilds of Colorado, specializing in losing yourself in nature, would be the perfect place to disappear and hope my stalker moved on.

And then I met him – the cowboy who made my toes curl.  Tall, dark, and so handsome I broke into a sweat.  The minute my eyes landed on him, I wanted him.  He was built tough. Rugged. Scorching.  His deep eyes awakened desires in me.  I’m used to any man I want, but he keeps himself at a distance.  But I was going off the grid with him – primitive camping.  I’m pretty sure we won’t need a fire with this heat he’s stirring up, but I don’t want to ruin it by telling him about my unwanted attention.  I just want all of his.

Colden Hale
I had planned on a weekend off the ranch with my brothers – Four bachelors looking for beer, boobs, and mechanical bulls.  I didn’t get out much, so I enjoyed every second when I did.  But then some Hollywood actress booked a last-minute excursion – and I volunteered to stay behind and take the job.  When I met her, passion flared and I didn’t regret a thing.  She wanted off the grid. I was happy to oblige as long as I was with her.

But I held back to find out if she’s real or just playing a part.  Her adventurous spirit made her all the more desirable.  Not even the cold winter weather prevented the heatwave.  I just wanted to warm her up, over and over again.  She’s soft and curvy, and I just know our bodies will be perfect together.  I just need to get her to the cabin and stroke the fire. That was my plan.  But things went a little sideways when she told me her secret.

Titles in the Banished Midlife Dragon Shifters series include — Rancher Dragon’s Unexpected Mate —♦— Rejected & Reclaimed —♦— Rancher Dragon’s Secret Affair —♦—

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Her Rancher Bear by Meg Ripley

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Now that my dad’s gone, the survival of our family’s ranch is in my hands.  And as much as I can’t stand the idea, I’ve agreed to open it up to city slickers looking for a taste of Wyoming life.  The last thing I want is for nosy humans to be roaming around my territory.  But desperate times call for desperate measures.  So I’ve gotta prepare for our next round of guests.

I’m showering up out back after a long day’s work when I feel three sets of women’s eyes staring at my backside.  Only one of them matters, though.  My grizzly demands to show himself, knowing she’s the one.  Human or not, she’s mine.  But how can I risk her knowing the untamed beast lurking inside me?

I thought I had it all:  A great Manhattan apartment, a great job at a food magazine, a great fiancé until the sleazebag had a fling with my maid of honor.

A girls’ week at a Wyoming dude ranch will be the perfect escape from my troubles.  But the gorgeous, steely-eyed rancher who runs the place gives me a new problem to contend with.  He’s gruff. Mysterious. Has zero people skills.  So why does he light every cell of my body on fire?

The whole point in coming out west was to forget about my man, not to fall for a new one.  Especially one that can secretly change into a bearBut when his truth comes out, Austin’s about to find out he’s not the only one hiding secrets.

Titles in the Shifter Nation: Wild Frontier Shifters series include — Her Rancher Bear – Her Cowboy Bear – Her Rodeo Bear – Her Sheriff Bear – Her Deputy Wolf – Her Rancher Wolf – Her Wrangler Wolf – Her Christmas Wolf

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Outlaw Tiger by Terry Bolryder

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Save a horse, ride an outlaw tiger…

As an orphan raised on Dragonclaw ranch, Dallas the tiger shifter is completely loyal to all the people and shifters who live there. So when a local story about gigantic monsters emerging from the ground draws unwanted attention, Dallas swears he’ll protect his home and its secrets at all costs. As one of the smartest, strongest creatures on earth, it should be simple. That is, until he meets feisty, sweet Mel, the reporter getting closest to the truth, and the beast inside Dallas growls to claim the woman he knows is his.

Mel is chasing her big break, seeking to expose literal monsters to the world. When her cameraman screws up and leaves her in danger, she winds up saved by a shadowy man in a cowboy hat, who also shows up the next day to save her again. The huge, silent man intrigues her, even as he insists on staying nearby. But as Mel explores the beautiful Texas wilderness with Dallas, she can’t help getting dangerously close to the gorgeous man helping her, and ever more interested in what he’s hiding behind those amber eyes…

As Dallas tries to protect those closest to him, his heart is pulled in two directions. His tiger has made it clear: the human is his. But Mel is getting closer to the truth, along with several other dangerous parties. And Dallas might just have to choose between his home and secrets, and the woman he now desperately loves.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Texas Dragons series include — Cowboy Dragon – Rancher Dragon – Wrangler Dragon – Outlaw Tiger – Rogue Wolf –

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Bear Creek Protectors Box Set by Harmony Raines

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I have loved the Bear Creek/Bear Bluff connecting series for many years through several smaller series that always connect back to this unique world.  Now, if you haven’t yet experienced the Bear Creek Protectors series (which I highly recommend) then you can grab them all in one box set right now with the Bear Creek Protectors Box Set. (the graphic and the text links will take you to Amazon where this is available for purchase or is now in Kindle Unlimited… just so you know)

The list below (with links to the reviews done here at Shifter Haven of each individual story) will give you a taste of what you’ll discover in the Bear Creek Protectors stories).  And if you want more details you can always click on the box set link to read a bit about each story in this bundle.

  1.  Bodyguard Bear – Red & Kate
  2.   Survivor Bear – Craig & Linda
  3.   Babysitter Bear – Flint & Jenna
  4.   Protector Bear – Hunter & Cynthia
  5.   Savior Bear – Rob & Madison
  6.   Doggy Defender Bear – Guy & Jane

If you love Shifter Romance, then you should check out this boxed set of fantastic stories (IMO) right now.



Her Dragon Savior by Milly Taiden and Ava Hunter

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Dragon-shifter Evair awakens to an attack and is wounded as he defends himself. He’s drawn to a beautiful but strong-willed witch who helps him control his power and shifting abilities. But he’s much more interested in finding out how to make her his. And once he gets a taste of her, he knows he’s never letting her go.

Penelope can’t believe the gorgeous dragon needs her. She’s happy to teach him about the new world and help him figure out why he was woken. Love and romance weren’t in the cards. She tries to fight it, but their bond is stronger than she realized. Are they mates? Could he be right? His flaming kisses and warm caresses make her hope he is.

A group of poachers is hunting down Evair’s kind. It’s a race against time to get to them before they kill more of his people. Love blooms in the midst of their battles. Their love will either survive or die crushed in their war for survival.

Titles in the Awaken the Dragon series include — Her Dragon Savior – Her Dragon Link – Her Dragon Protector – Her Dragon Mate – Her Dragon Desire –

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and/or sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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White Mountain Shifters Collection by Lisa Carlisle

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Want an entire series in just one book?  Once you check out these titles, I’m thinking the answer is going to be “Oh, hell, yeah!”

I loved every title in the White Mountain Shifters Collection.  Each of the three stories is intense, sizzling, at times funny, and at times danger-filled… but always a great read with believable characters (yeah, I know paranormal but still), a smooth storyline that will keep you engaged, and secondary characters you’ll want to know more about.

Right now, you can get them all in one collection, one book, one price.  What’s not to love about that?  Really!

In this collection, you’ll find – The Reluctant Wolf and His Fated Mate, The Wolf and His Forbidden Witch, and The Alpha and His Enemy Wolf.

Read on for the cover descriptions of these three titles.


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Stonewing Guardian by Zoe Chant

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He’s her second chance.

She’s his last hope.

After a devastating accident, archaeologist Thea shut herself away from the world. But now, there’s an incredibly hot guy in her office, with an offer that might just be enough to drag her back into the field. He’s either crazy… or an entire secret race of magical shapeshifters desperately needs her help.

Time is running out for gargoyle shifter Mace. His people are in grave danger, and their only hope is a lost Viking amulet… and the brave, smart, emotionally scarred woman who might just be his mate.

But if this is going to work, he’ll have to trust a human with his people’s greatest secret…

… and she’ll have to trust him with her heart.

This is an adult, 18+ story that may include violence, strong language, and sexual situations geared to that audience.

Titles in the Stone Shifters series include – Stoneskin DragonStonewing Guardian

Stone Shifters is a spin-off series from Zoe Chant’s Bodyguard Shifters series which include –  Bearista – Pet Rescue Panther – Bear in a Bookshop – Day Care Dragon – Bull in a Tea Shop – Dancer Dragon –

Please visit the Zoe Chant page for a look at so many titles and great series.

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Wrangler Dragon by Terry Bolryder

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Save a horse, ride a wrangler dragon…

Clancy, head wrangler for the notorious Dragonclaw Ranch, never thought he’d have a mate. After all, swamp dragons like him are infamous for being monstrous killers. But as badly as he wants to keep his past behind him, an unexpected encounter with a curvy store owner puts him face to face with his complex history. In spite of that, her strong personality and cute reactions to him immediately make the beast inside Clancy growl “mate”.

Billie Palmer has finally gotten her hands on the dragon’s talon coin that belonged to Clancy long ago. So when a tall, sexy man comes into her store hoping to take the precious antique off her hands, her answer is no. Even if he has eyes the colors of emeralds and a body that she can’t stop thinking about.

But a brush with danger brings Clancy rushing to Billie’s aid. And the nearer he gets to Billie, the more possessive his dragon is becoming. Clancy can’t stop wanting to hold and protect her, and Billie can’t stop the feeling that she’s fast falling for the mysterious man. Together, they experience exciting adventures by day that turn into unforgettable pleasures at night. But something is coming for them both. And if they don’t learn to overcome the demons from their past, nothing will be able to stop the savage creature intent on destroying everything they both care about.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in the Texas Dragons series include — Cowboy Dragon – Rancher Dragon – Wrangler Dragon – Outlaw Tiger – Rogue Wolf –

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Fae-ted to the Bear by Harmony Raines

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Caleb should be celebrating finding his mate. However, when a family member is threatened, he has no choice but to act.

Even if it means risking everything.

Caleb’s mate came to Wishing Moon Bay to kickstart her career after giving up on the idea of settling down and raising a family.

Can he rekindle her desire for a family of her own? Can he help her see she can have it all? With him by her side.

Elise has worked hard in her pursuit to become a chef. Seizing the chance to work with Caleb’s brother Ivan in his acclaimed restaurant, she is willing to make sacrifices to prove she has potential.

She knows she’s going to have to work hard to win Ivan over since he’s a dragon shifter and she’s a fae. Not a good mix.

However, she has one thing going for her. Caleb. Elise soon learns these brothers are willing to do anything for each other.

As she falls for the handsome growly bear shifter, Elise realizes she will do anything for Caleb, too. Especially when his sister is threatened.

Even if that means giving up her hopes and dreams.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence, and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

Titles in The Bond of Brothers (Wishing Moon Bay) series include – The White Wolf of Wishing Moon Bay – The Horse Shifter’s Mate – Her Fae-vorite Bear – Fae-ted to the Bear – The Snow Leopard’s Love – The Dragon Shifter’s Desire

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