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Ellie was just looking for a normal holiday. She had planned to spend it with her family. Her mother, father and her baby boy, Casper.

When Nolan showed up, things took a turn for the worst. She couldn’t believe him. Why would he return after all these years? She didn’t need him then, and she doesn’t need him now.

Though, she had to admit. Casper and Nolan seemed to get along together really well…

(at one time this was considered a standalone story – now it’s part of a three-book set entitled Shifters Christmas)

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.



Orion knows he’s losing the battle to control his bear. It’s only a matter of time before he’s so far gone that one of his friends feels obliged to put him down like a well-loved but rabid dog. 

That’s partly why he welcomes the sexy shifter from the Den who shows up with a silver-bullet with his name on it. Orion figures this will be the perfect end–he’ll have a bit of fun with this Anais and then stop complicating everyone’s life. 

He doesn’t count on the would-be assassin being his mate, a woman with complications of her own who is less and less willing to kill him the more time they spend together. 

Can two broken bears find wholeness together? 

Or is this a match doomed to fail?

This is an adult 18+ novel that does include language and sexual situations

Titles in Lumberjack Bears include — To Love A BearTo Save A BearTo Trust A BearTo Tame A BearTo Redeem A Bear

Aimee Han likes her life as spicy as the Korean-influenced food she makes, and when she and her best friend Callie escape from Callie’s father and the oppressive Den he controls, Aimee believes her life may finally be heating up. At last, she can follow her dreams of opening a restaurant. And with Callie off with her new mate, Aimee’s got the gorgeous grizzly she’s fallen for (and his gourmet kitchen) all to herself. Dominick is as tasty as the feasts she loves to make, and he seems to find her irresistible. 

At least she does until the suffering caused by their fight with the Den makes him wild. The post-fight Dom is in constant pain and pulling away from Aimee as if afraid he might break her. 

Can Aimee convince Dom that she’s stronger than she looks in time to prevent his bear side from overwhelming the man she loves?

This is an adult 18+ novel that does include language and sexual situations

Titles in Lumberjack Bears include — To Love A BearTo Save A BearTo Trust A BearTo Tame A Bear – To Redeem A Bear

Callie Stone believes that 2500 miles are about the right distance to keep between herself and Morgan Moreno, the cheating jerk who stole her heart and then stomped all over it a decade ago. 

Morgan’s little gang of rogue bears has been getting up to trouble, though, and Callie’s father, the leader of her idyllic Alaskan community of bear shifters, wants Callie to bring Morgan’s group back to the fold before they ruin things for bears everywhere. 

The trouble is, the longer Callie hangs out with Morgan and his friends, the more she comes to doubt her upbringing—and even her belief that Morgan cheated on her. Her bond to Morgan grows by the day, and the reasons not to trust in his love for her keep turning to mist and blowing away. 

As everything she always thought important gets turned on its head, Callie must figure out who to trust and how to earn the trust of those she has inadvertently hurt. 

Especially Morgan.

This is an adult 18+ novel that does include language and sexual situations

Titles in Lumberjack Bears include — To Love A BearTo Save A BearTo Trust A Bear – To Tame A Bear – To Redeem A Bear

When Addison Stravinsky finds herself staring down the barrel of a gun at her banking job, she decides life is too short not to pursue her dreams. 

Her novel-writing dreams, that is. 

Not the dreams about the sexy stranger who saved her in the bank and then saved her again by renting her a room in his cabin. 

But the new dreams won’t go away. Because the more Addison gets to know Reid Bronson, the more she’s attracted to this intelligent, sensitive, sexy, man. The trouble is, the more she gets to know him, the more she realizes he’s hiding something from her — something that’s threatening him from the outside and destroying him from within. 

Can Addison figure out what’s going on in time to salvage her dreams — all of them?

This is an adult 18+ novel that does include language and sexual situations

Titles in Lumberjack Bears include — To Love A BearTo Save A Bear – To Trust A Bear – To Tame A Bear – To Redeem A Bear

So long as the guys call him Boomer, Theodore Parker is content with his life. He has a place to stay, work to do, guys to hang out with — or fight with — when he wants, and the wilds of Montana to roam when he needs to be alone or go full bear. He has everything he needs. 

At least he thinks he does. 

Then, while he’s out logging with the guys, he finds a woman on the side of the hill, hurt and unable to remember who she is. When he takes her home to help her recover, he knows it isn’t a permanent arrangement. He knows she’ll have to go back to her old life someday. 

But the more he’s around her, the more he realizes his life isn’t complete without her. He’s not so selfish as to doom her to a rough life with a bear-shifting mountain man, though. He wants what’s best for her, even if that means leaving him, destroying his contentment forever. So, he protects her and keeps quiet about his shifting, so she isn’t forced into something she doesn’t want. 

What Emmy White wants, once she remembers herself, is Boomer. And safety from her past. What she doesn’t want is another relationship with a secretive, overprotective man. She thinks Boomer might be different, but how can she trust him when he won’t do the one thing she’s asked of him — give her the power to defend herself from the monster lurking in her past? 

Titles in Lumberjack Bears include — To Love A BearTo Save A Bear – To Trust A Bear – To Tame A Bear – To Redeem A Bear

Ashe was different. Broken. That’s what her pack had called her… She couldn’t shift after all. And with magic coursing through her veins she was an outcast. Years of pain, anger, and sadness had passed before she finally accepted her wicked life. That is until her cards revealed a truth that terrified her to the bone. Ashe and Cohen were bound together, one couldn’t live without the other. Two souls as one. That was the truth her cards had revealed… 

Cohen’s animal was cursed. A darkness lingered in his eyes – the telltale signs that a monster lurked within. He had moved away from his pack to protect them. To protect his brothers and more importantly, to protect her. The only time he had known calmness was when he was with her. Simply being in the presence of Ashe had brought a temporary peace to the demon inside him. Despite his intentions to protect her, being away from her for all those years only made his animal worse. Only made him worse. 

Cohen longed to see her face and hear her soft voice again. But even more than that, he wanted to watch her as she moved, to feel her skin against his, and to hear her screaming his name – a lust that only she could sate. That’s why when Ashe had called him back to Stonefall he knew he couldn’t run any longer. Perhaps now it was time to face the truth that he ignored for all those years.

Titles in The Outcast Bears series include:  ArcherGage – Cohen

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Kaylee was dreaming… she had to have been. One minute she was buying snacks at a local convenience store in preparations for her Netflix marathon, and the next? Some strange man had bitten her. Ever since then she could swear she was on the world’s worst acid trip. How much time had passed? A few hours? Days? Regardless, something was definitely wrong with her. To make matters worse, when she awoke she was alone in an unrecognizable house with a complete stranger… Sexy stranger, but stranger none-the-less… 

Maybe Gage wasn’t as fucked as he thought he was. After Archer had mated Joanna his world had fallen apart. How could Archer betray him like that? Gage’s brain had been running at a thousand miles an hour trying to figure out what to do next. Fuck being a third wheel, and there was no way in hell he’d be getting along with Cohen. Would he move back to Illinois and find work? That was probably the only sound option he had… 

That is, until he stumbled upon the stray. Archer had mentioned there was a recently turned shifter running around Stonefall. She looked so confused and hungry, he couldn’t just leave the coyote in the alley to die… Though, he probably should have thought ahead to lay out a change of clothes for her. To his defense, he didn’t expect the woman to shift back into human form over night. Regardless, it happened. He didn’t even know her name and yet the beautiful naked mess of a woman caught his bear’s attention. Perhaps he wouldn’t be leaving Stonefall after all… 

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Titles in The Outcast Bears series include:  ArcherGageCohen

Archer had no plans to return home. Not after the dramatic exit he’d made. An arranged marriage to settle the feud between two packs sounded alright on the surface, but he’d be damned if he were to be mated to someone he didn’t love. When Archer and his brothers left home they didn’t plan on ever going back… That is until he received a call from a familiar voice years later urging him to return home to fix a problem that could destroy them all. 

Joanna loved him. When she found out she was going to be mated to Archer, she couldn’t contain her excitement. He was the most kind, generous and sexy man she’d ever met. It was like a dream come true. Until he crushed her heart on the day of the ceremony. She was broken and had never really recovered from the betrayal. And now the bastard had the balls to return to Stonefall all these years later? 

Who was she kidding, she couldn’t stay mad at him. If she was honest with herself, she’d admit that Archer was and always will be the only man to occupy her thoughts… and hopefully her bed. 

Titles in The Outcast Bears series include:  ArcherGageCohen

Sexy shifters and their feisty mates who aren’t shy about loving each other – so, this is an adult, 18+ reader tale.

Dan can’t put up with this any more. Being the only single person in his pack was starting to take a toll on him.

To make matters worse, the Northern Wind Pack has been hiding since they last fought. He knew what that meant; they were due to attack very soon. With his mind confused he knew he needed to find a mate, and quick.

After travelling for most of her life, Lucy has had it with her brother Dom’s antics. He’d already crossed the line long ago, and his demands were getting even worse. She wanted nothing to do with him. Luckily for her, seemingly at the perfect time, an attractive shifter stumbled upon her – literally. Maybe she could get used to this town…

Titles in the Alpha Bears series include:  Adored By The Alpha BearSaved By The Alpha BearLoved By The Alpha Bear –