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Shifter Haven’s Weekly Wrap-Up #1

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This post has been shared on The Sunday Post, a weekly recap from so many amazing blogs is hosted by Kimberly over at Caffeinated Reviewer.  This word link and the graphic will take you there – enjoy.  🙂

I’ve not done a Weekly Wrap-Up for Shifter Haven before.  I’m not really sure why that is, but no time like the present, right?

So – Hi, I’m Marsha, I run Shifter Haven (and Keeper Bookshelf) … and three blogs that I plan to play around with shortly (I know, but I’ve learned a lot in the years I’ve been doing this so I’d like to see what the differences might be if I applied that knowledge right from the start. *shrug*)

Shifter Haven is my escape blog – it truly is.  I love Paranormal Romance, but especially the sub-genre of Shifters.  I don’t know of many blogs around that focus only on Shifters but that wasn’t my purpose in doing it but simply because I love these stories, the adventures, the sexy shifters, and the worlds that I get to visit often.  Plus, a lot of Shifter Romance stories are available in the Kindle Unlimited subscription so that gives me access to a lot of books when the book budget wouldn’t allow their purchase.

That’s my introduction of myself and the blog.  🙂  Now, onwards to the books that were read and reviewed this past week.

This Week’s Books (6/21/2020 – 6/27/2020)

This was a week of trying new authors, new pen names, and diving back into a relatively new-to-me author’s series.  Some weeks I have the time to read and review daily, other weeks it’s scheduled posts every other day… but no matter how often I talk about Shifter Romance I won’t ever stop enjoying it or having a blast getting lost in these sexy, intriguing worlds.



Adding A Little More PNR to Shifter Haven

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Hello, my Shifter loving friends!

For years I’ve devoted Shifter Haven to only shifter related romances within the Paranormal Romance genre.  My love affair with shifters will never, ever end – just to be clear.  🙂

Yet, I’m finding that so many of my favorite shifter authors are beginning to add other ‘creatures of fantasy’ into their stories.  And, I’m fine with that – and usually review them on my other review blog, Keeper Bookshelf.  Still, there are many that have shifter connections, are linked to other larger, longer shifter series, or have shifters among the main characters of the book.


You’ll be seeing more than shifters here over time.  Some in what you might not have considered genres like; Paranormal Cozy Mystery, or Paranormal Women’s Fiction, or Paranormal Romance, or… who knows what I’ll discover along the way.

I’m not moving away from the root of this website, which will always be shifter focused — but I am going along on the journey with authors that I trust to deliver amazing stories as they delve into other areas of the Paranormal world.  My sincere hope is that long-time readers of this blog will find other stories that they will enjoy and embrace while never losing their love of wolves, bears, tigers, lions… well you get the idea.

But, never fear, this website will always be a Shifter’s Haven above all else.


Trying to Find Normal in a World Far From Normal Right Now

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Like most folks, my family and I have self-isolated during (and also leading up to) this deadly virus outbreak.  Normal doesn’t look, sound, or feel quite the same – I’m sure that’s true in your home as well.

We’ve been in official self-isolation since March 12, 2020, and as that month anniversary has recently passed – well, I miss like crazy being able to just go out beyond the mailbox or the back patio.  But, I’m content as one can possibly be with staying home, staying in so that not only my family but others can be safe (or as safe as possible) right now.  I’ll admit to a bit of a mourning period for that past life that I so took for granted.  I’ve played more video games, watched more streaming shows, read more books — basically escaping into my own comfort zone.  I’ve not done a lot of writing, my mind just hasn’t been wrapped around many upbeat ways to write reviews lately.

But that changed today.  I came to the realization that “this” is normal now – and I’d better get with the program for wasting one day seems so very foolish considering the world I live in right now.

I’ve read a lot, as I mentioned, and I’ve begun putting those reviews up on the blog.  I’ve tried, when possible to have backdated those posts to around the time I actually read the book.  Once I get caught up then I’ll go back to every other day postings.  It’s my normal, or it was and I’m determined that it will be again.

So, I’m sorta sorry if I’m jamming up your email notifications or your Twitter feed – but they’re all good stories you might want to check out.  🙂

You take care of you and yours as best you can – and I’ll keep doing the same here.  Be well my shifter loving book friends.


Clean Slate ~ It’s Time To Read Some Shifter Tales

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Well.  I just have to say that I’m very glad 2019 is behind me.  Not that it was a horrible year, as years go, but it also wasn’t the greatest either.  So on to 2020, new plans, new goals… and hopefully, lots of new Shifter Romance tales to be read.

As happens every single Fall moving into Winter I got caught up in the Christmas Romance madness which I admittedly love and will read year-round.  This year was particularly full of stories – and honestly, many of those are still on my Kindle unread at this moment.  Yeah, books I paid for not ARCs, not borrowed, but mine.  Which is good because no deadlines, but bad because I didn’t get them finished in 2019.  Good thing I can read a Christmas Romance any time of the year, right?  🙂

Okay, on to Shifter Haven stuff.  Ya know, this really is my favorite (of my two) blogs because I simply adore and devour Shifter Romance.  Yet, lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of stories that merge Shifter with Magic/Fantasy and I’m of two minds where they belong between my two blogs.  I really intended SH to be strictly Shifter Romance (even though I do slip in a Paranormal Romance occasionally) — but I may branch out a bit to include those Shifter/Magic titles as well.  I’m thinking, right now, that it makes the most sense but we’ll see when the time comes to write reviews.

My intent is to keep the every other day schedule of posts/reviews which allows me that in-between day to post something amazing that I simply don’t want to wait to do.  I know, at some point I’ll be back to daily reviews but it’s good to have a base plan in place that’s open to improvising a bit.  I have *a lot* of draft reviews that for one reason or another didn’t make it onto the blog.  I’m sure they were good reasons – but some are three years old so who knows what I was planning/scheming back then, right??  I’d like to get them posted so I’ll be doing some of that work through the first quarter of the year.

So.  2020.  We made it to another decade.  Now let’s make it a fun, exciting one full of amazing love stories full of sizzling chemistry, good plotlines, swoon-worthy heroes and kick-ass heroines… and lots and lots of furry, sexy Shifters.  Oh, my first read of 2020 was a Shifter Romance and that review is scheduled.  🙂  I can’t help it – I love Shifters!


Happy Holidays – Merry Christmas – to all my Shifter loving friends

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It’s that time of year once again.  The hecticness and the very specialness of the holiday season are upon us all – and I wish you the happiest of whatever it is that you celebrate.

I’m ending the year on a bit of slowness here at Shifter Haven.  And for that, I am truly sorry that life and other obligations got in the way of my spending more time on the blog, with the stories that honestly matter most to me.  There are changes in the works for the New Year – and we’ll see how that comes together in the weeks to come.

For now, I only wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday matters to you since we all are unique in our beliefs and personalities.  I hope that 2020 is “your year” to shine and accomplish all that you could wish for.  May your New Year be full of happiness, wellness, good friends, loving families… and lots and lots of Shifter shenanigans.  🙂

Hopefully, I’m not done with posting for 2019 at Shifter Haven – but Christmas greetings just can’t wait, ya know?  I’m thankful for family, friends, and readers who love the furry, frantic, ferocious, funny, feisty, and unique Shifter worlds and characters as much as I do.


The Ocean’s Roar by Keira Blackwood & Eva Knight

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Mates, Mermaids, & Murder.

Cats and water don’t mix. Tigers aren’t meant to be dragged to the bottom of the sea, even if it’s to solve a murder. But that itch to claw my way to the surface—it’s blown away by an entirely different desire.

She has unearthly silver hair and violet eyes…not to mention the tail of a fish. But my tiger roars to claim this mermaid, fins and scales and whatever else comes along with her. We come from different worlds, but fate forces us together.

If we can’t solve this murder, there will be war. If we don’t hurry, I’ll lose her forever.

Titles in The Protectors Quick Bites series include — Midnight Wish – I Dream of GrizzlyThe Ocean’s Roar

This series connects to The Protectors series.  For a more complete list of titles in that series and more please visit the Keira Blackwood page.

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Tropical Leopard’s Longing by Zoe Chant

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Her marriage of convenience isn’t as convenient as she hoped…

Snow leopard shifter and heiress Darla Grant thought that marrying her best friend would be the solution to all of her problems: it would shelter her from a persistent and unwelcome suitor, unlock her inheritance to save the bankrupt shifter retirement home where she volunteers, and free her from her controlling society mother. 

Then she meets her fated mate at the tropical luxury resort reserved for her wedding, and her perfect plan turns into perfect torture. 

Leopard shifter and waiter Breck is everything her mother despises: poor, common, and openly bisexual. No matter that he’s also charming, funny, and kind—even if Darla could switch grooms, her mother would never give her blessing to the match and the suitor she was trying to escape isn’t going to give up her fortune without a fight. 

But there’s more to Breck than a ready smile and thoughtful service. 

And he’s always been up for a challenge… 

This is an adult 18+ title.  It contains language, violence and sexual situations geared toward a mature audience.

Titles in the Shifting Sands Resort series include —  Tropical Tiger Spy – Tropical Wounded Wolf – Tropical Bartender Bear – Tropical Lynx’s Lover – Tropical Dragon Diver – Tropical Panther’s Penance –  Tropical Christmas StagTropical Leopard’s Longing

** Just an FYI The Master Shark’s Mate, a title from the Fire & Rescue Shifters series by Zoe Chant is a crossover title in the Shifting Sands Resort series.  It would be best read between Tropical Wounded Wolf and Tropical Bartender Bear**

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A Year in Anthologies Challenge

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I love Challenges, trouble is I read the books but neglect to keep up with the “keeping track thru the Linky thingy”… so it often looks like I never finished.  Oh well.  That’s on me.

I rarely join in a Challenge with this blog, Shifter Haven, because I post here so much that it really isn’t a “challenge” to hit a certain number of books read here.  But… Anthologies, now that’s a whole other situation, folks.

I spent a week recently going through my purchased books from Amazon.  I wrote them out, by hand, into a notebook to “shame” myself into reading the darned things.  Hey, I spent good book money on those suckers, I need to read them!  I was shocked, angered and saddened to discover just how many unread books I have.  It’s embarrassing.  Among that long list are several anthologies or some readers call them ‘book bundles’ in the Paranormal Romance sub-genre of Shifter Romance.

This Challenge – A Year in Anthologies – is the perfect way to tackle those unread bundles of books that I may have read one or two of in recent memory.  The Challenge runs from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2019.  That’s a whole year to read a maximum of six (6) of those lonely anthologies.  I’m in!  This one I can do.

If you have unread anthologies or book bundles on your e-reader (or in print) then this is a Challenge that may interest you as well.  The sign-up page can be found through either the link above or by clicking on the graphic in this post or in the sidebar.  We can do this!  We have a whole freakin’ year to get it done!

Now, full disclosure here.  I will often review one or two related stories within a book bundle or anthology when it’s part of a series I’m reading and reviewing.  I do that when the authors have the right (it takes a little bit of waiting) to publish those stories as singles.  A Year in Anthologies asks that the anthologies be reviewed, that’s fair.  But… I can also pick out those titles that have been released by their authors as single story reviews.  Scheduled posts are a wonderful thing, and this is the perfect way to get some of those gems ready for those times when I’m stuck off doing other things.  I love an all-around win, don’t you?

What are you waiting for?  Go check it out!  🙂


Christmas Break Time

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As the Christmas celebrations move closer, my birthday looms even more closer… and I realize just how exhausted and short tempered I’ve become I’ve decided it’s time for a Christmas Break Just For Me.  More on this will come up on my main blog, Keeper Bookshelf, on Saturday because that’s my official break taking day… but I wanted to share this here, at the heart of my reading addiction site, Shifter Haven, first.  This is usually the spot I run to, the stories I read most when life is getting to me… and the fact that I’ve let this place fall behind tells me just how bad things have become.

I have one review to finish for a good friend, and talented author this week – and the Christmas addition to T.S. Joyce’s Daughters of Beasts just released so, yeah that has to be read and posted… then I’ll be going dark until the New Year.  Nothing is horribly wrong, my friends, I’m simply tired and need a break.  I deserve to take care of myself as well as the others in my life, and this time I’m making the decision to do just that.

I wish each and every one of you the most wonderful Christmas or Holiday season, no matter what you celebrate or believe — we all believe in the magic of the written word, so that’s enough to join us together… in my opinion.

Safe journey, I’ll see you bright and bushy-tailed in 2019.


Lia Davis’ Alpha Challenge Countdown Week 1 ~ Winter Eve

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If you happen to love Lia Davis’ Ashwood Falls series then today is kinda important to those of us who love these sexy shifters.  It’s ten (10) weeks until the release of the newest Ashwood Falls story and to give us a treat Lia Davis has a Countdown Event going on over on her Facebook page.  There is also a post about it on her official website.

So what you may ask?  This is a great time to re-read this series again or to discover it for the first time — especially since Ms Davis’ has recently released an Ashwood Falls bundle entitled:  Shifters of Ashwood Falls: Collector’s Bundle which includes stories, shorts and fun conversations with characters to bring us up-to-date.

This first week’s conversation is all about Winter Eve, the prequel #0.5 story in the Ashwood Falls series, right back where it all started.  It’s going to be fun so if you haven’t already liked or followed Lia Davis’ Facebook page, now might be a good time to do that.

I have had so many enjoyable hours spent in Ms Davis’ world of Ashwood Falls, and other locations as well.  I love her shifters – they’re smart, sexy and intriguing… and did I mention hot?  If you’d like to get started in this world the bundle is a great way and a good deal as well.  The graphic over there is a link to Amazon, so it’s real easy to get started.  (and yes, I’m an Amazon affiliate but I’m sure not getting rich  lol)

I’ll be re-reading this series and getting reviews up each week, in fact here’s a link to my review of Winter Eve from a while back.  I love this world, and I believe you would, too.  Indulge yourself and enjoy.