Savage Claim by Cecilia Lane

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Blood on the claws. Love on the run. Like crazy father, like darkness bound son.

Lion shifter Lindley denied his power and fled his dysfunctional pride to save his life. After a decade of trying to escape the hell in his soul, he runs into the woman he loved and abandoned.

Runs, literally… as in with his truck.

His instinct is to chase her away, but if he doesn’t save his fated mate, he’ll be forever lost to encroaching madness.

Kyla is on the run. Her best friend was just sold to the highest bidder, and she’s up next. But fate flings her into the path of the man she loved—and who left her to suffer.

He’s not the boy Kyla remembers, but the man stakes a savage claim.

Lindley must put aside the fear of his inner darkness and forge his aggression into a deadly weapon. Kyla must blossom from an awkward cub into a graceful lioness, and learn to raise her roar and her claws. If either of them falters, the consequence is not just broken hearts, but broken lives.

This is an adult 18+ story that contains language, possible violence and sexual situations geared to an adult audience.

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Title:  Savage Claim
Series:  Shifting Destinies: Lion Hearts #2
Author:  Cecilia Lane
Published:  February 11, 2020
My Rating:  4.5 stars

Lindley and Kyla’s story in Savage Claim is the second title in the action-packed, sizzling Shifting Destinies: Lion Hearts series and has a strong connection to the Shifting Destinies: Shifters of Bear’s Den, Shifting Destinies: Black Claw Ranch and several stories in the BAD Alpha Dads Howl Romance line.  Yeah, it’s a mini-world and I am loving every single story of this shared universe.

If you’ve followed these connecting series then you’ll already be aware that the lion’s pride outside of Bearden is way, way out of control on a good day, don’t even imagine a bad one.  So it’s no real surprise to find Lindley is in really bad emotional and mental shape.  His backstory is heartbreaking and angering but I’ll let you discover that for yourself.  When he hits a fleeing lioness with the bumper of his truck he never ever expected to find Kyla on the ground.  A sweet memory of a younger girl, an attraction that could go nowhere with the lies his father has told to his former pack linger and just as quickly are overshadowed by anger that she is even here at his new home at all.  What Lindley doesn’t yet know is that his sister has been effectively sold off as a mate to one of their father’s evil cronies and Kyla has been sent to find Lindley to save Sage and the other women of his former pack.  Yet anger, distrust, and disgust all but flow off of Kyla for she does not want to be anywhere near this killer and cannot understand why Sage trusts him to help.  Kyla has a lot of lies to overcome, and some serious growing up and owning her own life to get done before she and Lindley can even hope for a happy future.

Savage Claim is intense, at times painfully so for it’s impossible to not feel Lindley’s or even Kyla’s emotional pain throughout their story.  I was quickly drawn back into the world, finding old book friends once again is always a bonus, and this lion pride is one messed up group of guys – but eventually their ladies will straighten them out… to a degree, they’re always gonna be just a bit crazy.  I loved every second of this one and would not hesitate to recommend this story, the series or heck, all the connecting series for you’ll find one amazing world in the area around Bearden.

I read this title through my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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